10 Wacky Conspiracy Theories About Deadly Diseases


Disease is something that will always hit an innate fear button inside humans. It can topple the strongest of us at our peak, and we can’t go fight it the way we would fight a conventional enemy. Effectively battling many of the more dangerous or uncommon diseases often involves an amount of training and knowledge that a non-specialist would find extremely difficult to understand. This can make people sometimes rather suspicious of what they are told about medicine or disease cures – especially during an epidemic – because they lack the sufficient knowledge to fully understand whether what they are being told is accurate. For this reason, the outbreak of disease often brings out the conspiracy theorist in all of us.

10. The Ebola Outbreak In West Africa Was A Biological Weapons Test By The US Government


The North Koreans really dislike the United States, and tend to blame them for any problem that’s happening around the world. Recently, during the Ebola Outbreak, North Korea put a strict quarantine lockdown on its borders, and then started shouting conspiracies about how the United States had started the whole Ebola thing on purpose. According to them, an aide to former – and now long dead – President Reagan, informed them that the United States had designed the most recent strain of Ebola as a biological weapon to use against their enemies. The North Koreans cite the reports of two random scientists, and a Liberian professor, who insist that there is no way the strain of Ebola that showed up could have been made outside of a lab.

They go on to claim that the United States definitely, assuredly allowed a pharmaceutical company in Africa to be the main location to use as a testing ground for their secret biological agent of doom. The North Koreans also believe that the United States already had a fairly effective vaccine, but have been keeping it to themselves the whole time because they want to see the full effects of destruction that the Ebola strain they created can cause. The same North Korean accusation that the US was responsible for the Ebola outbreak, also accused them of being responsible for AIDS, and countless other awful epidemics.

9. Bill Gates is Behind a Plot to Use Vaccines For Population Control


Bill Gates is a household name, and easily one of the richest individuals in the world. However, despite being obscenely rich, most people respect the man because for many years he has spent most of his time and money on his charitable foundation, and intends to donate an even larger portion of his fortune when he dies. However, it is this charity work in particular that has caused some conspiracy theorists to decide that Bill Gates might not be such a benign rich guy after all. The people at Natural News listened to a Ted Talk with Bill Gates, and came away with a conspiracy theory that Gates is trying to depopulate the earth.

Gates was speaking about climate change and how he believes that all the CO2 emissions are a serious problem for the world, and that we need to decrease them. He listed several factors that increase CO2 emissions, including people, and then explained that the world’s population is almost at seven billion, and is on track to increase by a couple more billion before too long. During his talk he stated that if we could improve vaccinations, healthcare and reproductive services, that we could perhaps reduce that number by quite a lot. Now, it’s more than likely that Gates simply meant that with widespread access to reproductive services, that we would have less population overall, as more people would have access to birth control. However, because he mentioned vaccines in the same sentence, some anti-vax theorists are now convinced that Bill Gates let the cat out of the bag on a plan to use vaccines in order to thin out the population and make people less fertile overall.

8. Chemtrails Are Responsible For Mad Cow Disease Outbreaks


Mad Cow Disease, also known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy is a neuro degenerative disease found in cattle. The disease is caused by misfolded proteins called prions that can quickly cause other proteins to misfold in the same way. This causes the brain and central nervous system to slowly degrade until the beings mental processes have been destroyed and they die. Right now, once contracted no one knows how to cure the disease or slow its progress. While it mainly affects cattle, if a human eats infected cow meat, they can easily have the disease passed on to them. Right now scientists understand very little about prions or how they work. If they did have more of a clue how they worked, we would likely be closer to figuring out how to fix the problem.

While there are many theories on what causes Mad Cow Disease, and how we should try to tackle the problem best, some people aren’t convinced by scientific theories or answers, and as always, look to the government for answers. Some conspiracy theorists are convinced that chemtrails are not just throwing out heavy metals to control the population – one of the most popular chemtrail theories – but that chemtrails are also bringing down a whole host of diseases on top of us by spreading prions all over the world. One theorist is convinced that the reptilians – an evil race of secret alien beings controlling the world – is seeding the atmosphere with prions in order to give us diseases like Mad Cow, Gulf War Syndrome, AIDS, and pretty much anything else you can name. This will either kill off or zombify most of the world, making the evil alien takeover all that much easier to accomplish.

7. The SARS Epidemic was a Biological Attack Against the Chinese


Roughly a decade ago the SARS virus – short for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, came roaring into life on the continent of China, and before long we had an outbreak for a disease we hadn’t seen before. Many people were very worried about the possibility of it spreading around the globe, and emotions were running high in China, as people worried if the numbers they were hearing were being deliberately underreported. The Chinese people, despite all of the propaganda – or perhaps because of it – know full well that much of what their government tells them isn’t true, and that censorship is basically the law of the land. No one in China has any illusion about government transparency, free speech or freedom of the press, so they are understandably paranoid about what they hear.

However, the strangest part is that when the SARS outbreak spread, it was not toward their government that much of the distrust was directed, but towards the United States, neighboring Taiwan and even Japan. Many Chinese citizens were convinced the disease was created by the US and sent over with the help of Taiwan and Japan in order to harm the Chinese people and distract them from the war in Iraq. This theory was bolstered by claims from two Russian scientists that something like SARS couldn’t appear outside of a lab, strengthening the conspiracy that it was man made. Of course, for those who followed the crisis at the time, it turns out that wild palm civets sold as meat at a market in China were the ground zero for the disease. We hadn’t seen it before because it had been exclusively among wild animals, and eating the infected meat allowed it to cross the species barrier. It does show how good China is at propaganda however, that despite knowing not to trust their government’s word, when an outbreak happens, the citizens choose to blame the countries their leaders tell them to hate.

6. AIDS Was Created and Distributed by the US Government


When the AIDS epidemic occurred in the United States, it brought a lot of tension along with it. Many people saw it as a “disease of the gays” and the Reagan administration at the time did little to argue with that notion. In fact, some of his political friends were happy to claim that it was a punishment from God against homosexuals, and the administration did not do anything about it until it had become a serious global crisis and thousands of American’s had died. Many people believe today that due to the way gay men were ostracized from the start over AIDs that many did not seek proper help and that’s why it spread as easily as it did. This regrettable new disease was eventually found to have originally been a simian virus that crossed the species barrier in Africa.

However, conspiracy theorists claim that the disease did not originate in Africa at all. They contend that the HIV and AIDs were man made diseases, created by the United States government – who was once again testing biological agents to use against their enemies. These theorists claim that the first cases of AIDS among gay men in Manhattan occurred before the first cases of AIDS reported in Africa – the ground zero of HIV/AIDS entering the human population. These theorists claim that shortly before the epidemic started, the government recruited hundreds of gay men for a hepatitis B trial. They are convinced that this was not a coincidence at all, and that this was when the man made AIDS virus was introduced heavily into the gay community. While the Reagan administration arguably should have done more, there is no compelling evidence that HIV or AIDS are man-made or that they were designed by the United States government.

5. Banning DDT Was a Conspiracy to Depopulate Earth by Spreading Malaria


Many people think of DDT as a pesticide – they consider its purpose as an agent solely for protecting crops from being eaten by bugs. People raised concerns about the effect that the chemical had on the plants, on the environment around us, on our own bodies and everything around us. Before long, people had decided that it was too dangerous to use, and most of the world had banned the use of DDT entirely by the early 1970’s. However, most people don’t realize that DDT was also used as a very popular insecticide – starting during World War II – to deal with invasive swarms of bugs so as to prevent the spread of deadly diseases, especially malaria.

This has caused a certain sect of conspiracy theorists to beat the drum over the years that something rather untoward happened. During the time DDT was legal it was indeed a very effective way to keep insects at bay in order to save lives from malaria – this was a boon for third world countries, not just for military troops. This has caused conspiracy theorists to believe that DDT was banned in order to further depopulate the world. They claim that the evidence that DDT was dangerous is flimsy at best and that there was no reason to ban such an effective preventative measure against malaria. They are convinced this is a way for the powers that be to keep the population of third world countries – especially in Africa – in check.

4. The “Cancer Microbe” Theory, and the Conspiracy of Cancer Cure Suppression


Cancer is one of the biggest killers in the world today, and also one of the most misunderstood things as well. People like to talk about a “cure for cancer”, but the truth is that there are hundreds of types of cancer and many of them behave very differently. Finding a way to effectively fight one type may not mean it will translate well to a single other. This also applies to knowing what the best ways to avoid cancer are, as a risk factor for one type may not be a risk factor for another. To this day, generally the best way to fight cancer is to detect it as early as possible, and in many cases prognosis is often grim. While most people simply accept that we are dealing with an extremely complex subject, conspiracy theorists tend to always wish that science had an easy answer to everything.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that research done in the past, now long suppressed by other scientists, shows much reason to believe that cancer is actually a microbe that is contagious and can pass between people like a deadly disease. This of course goes against everything we are told by doctors – cancer is not contagious. However, these theorists are convinced that the easy answer to solving cancer is to study it as a microbe and we will be able to defeat it forever. They theorize that other scientists know this, and are hiding the information either due to embarrassment that their theories are wrong after all these years, or for other more nefarious reasons.

3. The Recent Measles Outbreak is a Government Lie to Scare You


As you know, celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have been beating the drum for some time now about the alleged dangers of vaccinations. These claims have never had any basis whatsoever in reality, but the damage has been done and has caused countless people to now refuse to vaccinate their children. To make matters worse, the rare children who are actually allergic to ingredients in the vaccine rely on the immunity of the “herd” for protection. This means that people refusing the vaccine for their children are making a selfish decision that puts other vulnerable children, and people with poor immune systems, in serious danger. It also allows diseases that have been essentially eliminated to return. Case in point, we had thought that measles was eliminated but in a previous year we had well over 600 cases of measles.

For many people who were on the fence, this was the proof that vaccinations are extremely important, and we can only keep diseases defeated if we take the advice of medical professionals, instead of taking our medical consensus from celebrities. However, for the type of people who are against vaccinations – like Glenn Beck – this is nothing more than a government attempt to pull the wool over your eyes once again. According to Beck, the recent reports of serious measles outbreaks are made up by the government in order to scare you so they can further force you into getting your family vaccinated. It’s clear that for people like Glenn Beck, evidence is only considered if it supports their own point of view.

2. The Government is Sneaking RFID Chips Into You and Your Kids Through Vaccinations


Last year the entire world watched in horror as the Ebola epidemic swept all over West Africa and threatened to spread its deadly and tenacious grasp all over the globe. Many people were talking in fear about quarantining entire countries and totally shutting down their borders – some of the more totalitarian countries like North Korea did just that. Tempers began to run high, as a few people with Ebola slipped their way into the United States, and several companies quickly announced that they were either working on or had almost finished experimental Ebola vaccines, that would at least give us a fighting chance if an epidemic started to take hold on US soil – and may help save West Africa if they couldn’t get the disease under control.

However, while most people were simply glad to know that we were already close to finding a way to fight the deadly virus, some conspiracy theorists were entirely unconvinced. According to some theorists, a former worker from the CDC came forward to them claiming that an emergency Ebola vaccine was being prepared that would sneakily inject everyone in the country with an RFID chip. If you refused the vaccine to avoid the chip, you would simply have no way to protect yourself from the rampant Ebola epidemic that the government was bringing to the USA in order to depopulate the country.

1. The Anthrax Attacks Following 9/11 Were a Government Conspiracy


Shortly after the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001 there was a huge scare reported all over the media about an anthrax attack. Several letters were sent containing anthrax, two of them to US senators. Before long everyone was connecting the attacks to the terrorists who attacked on 9/11, and fear was running high that Al Qaeda or some other group had a massive amount of dangerous biological agents and planned to release them all over the country. A massive investigation began, and eventually culminated in the conclusion that the entire thing had nothing to do with the terrorists at all, but had been conducted by a government scientist or scientists with no outside connections.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that this is too convenient. Many of the same people who believe that the 9/11 attacks were in some way orchestrated by the United States government, are convinced that the anthrax attacks were actually performed by secret agents within the US government who were tasked with ensuring the fear level was high enough to bring us a new cold war style scenario. The conspiracy theorists claim that the FBI already knew about the possibility of biological weapon attacks, and then played dumb at first when the anthrax attacks happened, thus “proving” that they were in on the attacks from the beginning. This anthrax scare was just enough, according to theorists, to push through bills such as the Patriot Act, and give the government the control they always wanted.

We've got more conspiracy theories than you and your shadowy government can shake a stick at.
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