10 Writers Who Disowned Their Own Work


For most writers, there’s a feeling of catharsis that accompanies having a book published. You had something to say, and now it’s out there for the world to view. It may become a bestseller or it might move five copies, all to your mom, but either way, you created something meaningful. Your high school classmates were wrong about you, just like you always knew!

But sometimes that euphoric feeling doesn’t last. Sometimes it turns to downright loathing. Here are 10 writers who hated, hid, or simply pretended books they wrote didn’t exist.

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    Thank you for your explanation. I’ll bear that in mind on future lists.

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    • I see your point. No, this is not an ad scheme, I promise. Due to our workload, sometimes we don’t have time to publish an article, so we show the video we did on an older piece. If anything, this is just to show you another way we publish our material, through YouTube. But for some who maybe didn’t read the article when first published this is a link to show them the article, if they don’t want to watch the video. I hope this explains our reasoning better.