Author Gregory Myers

History Valley-of-the-Kings

Top 10 Famous Historical Sites You Didn’t Know Were Haunted

For the most part, ghosts tend to lurk in obscurity, content to haunt random old buildings and curse sports teams that they don’t like. Some ghosts, however, crave the spotlight a bit more, and so they take up residence in some fairly famous locales. If you visit any of these places, don’t be surprised when the wind turns violent and freezing cold.


Top 10 Ridiculous Food Challenges You Should Never Try

Eating as a sport is rarely anything but dumb, but certain challenges go way beyond “dumb,” taking a giant flying leap of faith straight into Ludicrous Land. These are challenges that nobody save for maybe Superman can, or should, attempt to pull off. And Superman’s too busy saving the world for this crap, so it turns out nobody should try these at all.

Bizarre USA-China

Top 10 Ridiculous Myths About The Chinese

China is an incredibly secretive and mysterious country; as a result, many people have developed beliefs about what’s going on over there that are simply not true. Even the partial truths have a ton of misconceptions and urban mythology surrounding them.


Top 10 Insane Facts About Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud is, depending on who you talk to, either one of the greatest psychological minds in history, or a perverted phony who made up entire theories to “explain” why babies lust after their parents. The answer, as usual, is a little bit of both, as Freud was a deeply complex man, as these various factoids about him prove.


Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Native Americans

Other than the fact that they existed, pretty much everything Hollywood and TV has taught you about Native Americans is purest fiction, drummed up by racist white people desperate to demonize the people that already lived on the lands that they wanted. Hopefully, we can set at least a few records straight with this article.

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