Author: Jason Iannone

Top 10 Things to Know About Jason Iannone 10. He was an editor at TopTenz, makin' sure everythin' on this here site reads pretty gud-like. 9. He has been featured on on several occasions, each time with traffic exceeding a million views. 8. He occasionally referees for independent wrestling shows, most notably Inter-Species Wrestling. 7. If he ever meets George Clooney, he's definitely getting his eight bucks back for Batman and Robin. 6. His favorite list of his is Top 10 SNL Characters Who Deserved Their Very Own Lame Movie.. 5. His favorite list from somebody else is Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories. 4. He's ginger, but still has a soul. A filthy, polluted soul, but a soul nevertheless. 3. He can play guitar well enough to not make ears bleed, but not well enough to impress any talent scouts. 2. He is 0-for-3 in Presidential elections, probably because he keeps voting for third-party nobodies who don't ever get on TV. Gonna be 0-for-4 come November 2012, probably 1. He loves stand-up comedy, even though there's almost no way he could ever do it himself.