Buckethead, the Greatest Guitarist You’ve Never Heard of


The title of the best guitarist in the world is one that will likely never be agreed upon, mainly because, how the hell do you clarify who is the best at something in an area as subjective as music. That said, it is possible to rank a given musician depending on a number of objective facts, the main one being how awesome they are. So if we were to tell you that somewhere out there, there is a literal giant who can play virtually every kind of music on a guitar, dances the robot at his shows and has had his music featured in Power Rangers, Guitar Hero and the Mortal Kombat movie. You’d think that guy was the coolest person in the world, well, meet Buckethead.

Buckethead is so named because he wears a KFC bucket on his head. Yes, an actual KFC bucket. Along with this Buckethead also has a great love for chickens, so much so he dedicates half of the stuff on his own website to his chicken homies. He also like to swing nunchukas around on stage while dancing to the robot. Now all of that would scream, an individual who should never be allowed out in public! However, Buckethead has an ace up his sleeve, he’s boss at playing the guitar. Buckethead has over 50 god damn albums spanning everything from thrash metal to acoustic melodies that would are so intense they cause babies fingers to explode. He’s also been a featured composer on films like Last Action Hero and has played on stage with Guns N Roses. Yet, his music and indeed his ghostly white visage is all but unknown to the majority of the public. And come on, that’s not fair for the guy who wrote the hardest song in Guitar Hero history. So the next time you’re having a beer, raise a glass to the guy who composed the soundtrack to the awesome parts of your childhood, Buckethead.

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  1. 50?!!! Don’t do much research, do ya? He has almost 500 works attributed to him. There are supergroups, early bands like The Deli Creeps, Gun’n Roses, many solo projects, like all the DeathCubeK stuff and 254 and still counting solo albums in his Pike series alone. He is BY FAR the most creative, most prolific composer of any kind in all music history. Period. Oh…and the most skilled, awesome guitarist on the planet or nearby universe. Do a better job of research with the next article, aight?

  2. Here, here. Raise a glass to this enigmatic genius. If anything he is probably better off for shunning the limelight, he has proved that talent can speak for itself.