Cardinal Mezzofanti, the Man Who Spoke 70 Languages


Cardinal Mezzofanti, or to give him his full and more awesome title, Cardinal Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti, was an Italian man of god who should absolutely get a sainthood and the fact he doesn’t already is just proof that God hates awesome people. As you’ve probably guessed from the title, Cardinal Badass was a veritable master of the spoken word. He literally lived surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of books, all of which he used to become proficient in dozens of languages. His mastery of the spoken word was so great that people from countries across the world would travel to speak with him in their native tongue, each one left completely dumbfounded that this humble Italian man of god was able to speak freaking Chinese!

I only became a Cardinal for the bitchin pimp robe.

I only became a Cardinal for the bitchin pimp robe.

In fact, he was so proficient in language that many simply assumed his talent must have been a gift directly from the devil. Because God would never give anyone a power that radical. Cardinal Mezzofantastico lived out his days surrounded by his beloved books and conversing with the many strangers that visited his home. Today his name lives on in relative obscurity, which is hardly fitting for a guy who could save your soul from both Italian god and Chinese god.

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