Chain Chomps In Mario Can Escape.


The Chain Chomp is one of the most enduring foes in the Mario series, for newer players they pose one of the first real challenges they’ll ever face in game. However, due to the fact they’re chained up, avoiding one is usually just a matter of jumping like a boss. Few people realise though that if you stand and taunt the Chain Chomp with your freedom, on its 50th lunge attempt, it will escape.

I’ll take that.

The thing is, this takes 50 in game lunges, which takes almost 200 in game seconds, most levels only give you 300 seconds to complete them, so to even see this in the first place you need to stand perfectly still and mock a Chain Chomp while it ineffectually lunges at you 49 times. Man, video games really do make people act like buttholes.


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