Even More Incredibly Bizarre Historical Coincidences


Scientifically speaking, coincidences aren’t that peculiar, as we live in a world full of so many random occurrences. They seem weird because our brains are wired to spot patterns to predict future outcomes – in space as well as time – even if those patterns don’t actually exist. As an example, in the early days, spotting the same mark on various trees in different locations may mean absolutely nothing, though it could also mean that a vicious predator is following you. According to our primitive-yet-cautious brains, why take the chance?

However, that doesn’t mean that all coincidences could be chalked up to our early-man brains acting up. Our history is full of examples of coincidences so unlikely that they simply can’t be explained by anything other than elaborate, often-supernatural conspiracy theories. Coincidences like…

This is an encore of one of our previous lists, as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. Read the full list!

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