Flaming Pigs Were an Effective Anti-Elephant Weapon


Elephants were the tanks of the ancient world, lumbering, arrow-proof monstrosities that barreled through entire legions of men like they were made of malnourished twigs. If your opponent had an elephant you were effectively screwed, unless that is you had a pig and the ability to set said pig on fire. Science!

This is what was known as a two-fer

This is what was known as a two-fer

You may be wondering why? Well a pig set on fire, for some reason, squealed. This squealing was like elephant Kryptonite, causing them to panic and in some cases, outright flee in terror, killing their own men in the process. It’s cruel, yes, but just realise that at one point in history a general probably once saw hundreds of elephants on the horizon and only responded to his men’s cries of panic, with “fetch me the pigs”.



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