Godzilla is My Spirit Animal


The original Godzilla suit (the big-ass rubber one from the 60’s) weighed in excess of 200 pounds.

The guy who actually designed and made it, despite being the person who fucking made it, couldn’t walk more than 10 feet with it on. Haruo Nakajima, the guy who’d eventually go on to don the suit for all of the subsequent films, upon putting it on for the first time proceeded to walk 30 feet, right in front of the guy who’d created it.

Meaning he was literally 3 times as Godzilla as the guy who’d actually created him and he proved it, in front of him, wearing a giant dinosaur costume. Who says there are no more heroes?


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  1. Matthew Zarzeczny on

    Dear Karl,

    I have made a compilation list of your Godzilla articles at Cracked History, which I hope will get you even more views as I loved reading these various tid bits before seeing the new movie. Anyway, check out http://www.crackedhistory.com/five-fascinating-facts-godzilla/ to see and I hope that helps bring even more views your way! Keep writing the great articles!



  2. Dave Smiling Coyote on

    As a Native American, I found the title to this Fun Fact to be freaking hilarious!