Goerner the Mighty: Strongest Man of All



Hermann Goerner was strongman who still to this day holds one of the heaviest deadlifts of all time at 727 pounds, for reference that’s over 2 Shaquille O’Neal’s, with one fucking hand.

Hermann also only had one eye, since he lost one of them in WW1, during which he was also hit by over 200 pieces of shrapnel, which doctors never removed, presumably since their scalpels couldn’t move at 300 MPH, the required speed metal objects needed to travel to pierce his skin.

Along with this he also wrestled elephants and survived being imprisoned in a concentration camp, after which he still continued performing.

He did all of this while rocking a Hitler mustache. So just to clarify, during WW2, there was a man with a Hitler mustache and a German sounding name who wrestled elephants and took mortar explosions like an OG, then survived a stay in a concentration camp to boot, and we all remember the asshole with one ball.


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