A Guy Once Shot Down a Plane, With a Tank


Tanks, though formidable, are slow and more often than not, stuck to the ground, which is where you expect something that weighs 80 tonnes to stay. Of all the things a tank poses a threat to, a plane is probably at the bottom of the list, along with the sky and the benevolent face of God himself. Apparently no one told, Unteroffizeier Kramer, AKA the only known person in history to shoot down a plane with a tank, that.

Call of Duty has nothing on this.

Call of Duty has nothing on this.

The story is as follows, Unteroffizeier Kramer, was the gunner of a Nazi, tiger tank that was being hit constantly by Russian fighter fire. Though the fighters posed little to no threat to the armour of the tiger, Kramer grew increasingly more annoyed with the pinging noise they kept making. So, he turned around, pointed his gun into the sky and opened fire, on his second shot Kramer tore off the wing of one of the fighters. Arguably the finest shot ever pulled off in any tank, ever. However, Kramer was a Nazi, so we’re forced to say it wasn’t that impressive, because screw the Nazis.


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  1. Well if it was a tiger tank it would be very likely that the tank would be an SS brigade as they were given everything first and there were very few Wehrmacht tank formations

  2. You do know that not all German soldiers were Nazis, don’t you? Was Kramer a member of an SS battalion? If so, he was a Nazi. If not, he was a member of the Wehrmacht.

    • And being a Nazi itself wasn’t the worst thing. There were ‘good’ Nazis.

      The real question is what did he do and how instrumental was he in the events of the Holocaust.

      Having said that, that was an impressive shot nonetheless.

  3. During the Falklands war, an SAS soldier shot down an Argentinian jet with a machine gun. There were two jets, and he shot down the second one, though he admits to aiming at the first. 🙂