Houdini Once Got Drunk Escaping From a Beer Keg


Houdini was the original party magician, when he wasn’t slipping out of handcuffs like a fart made of snakes, he was making women’s clothes disappear with his signature I-am-the-god-of-space-and-time look. Though Houdini almost never imbibed alcohol, one of his most deadly escapes was the time a brewery challenged him to escape from a beer keg, the danger came from the fact that Houdini got wicked drunk from the fumes inside the cask.


Only magicians and people who lost drunken bets dress like this.

Only magicians and people who lost drunken bets dress like this.

As mentioned earlier, Houdini never partook the Devil’s nectar, so when he climbed into a cask of beer and the lid was sealed on top of him, the fumes very quickly began to take their effect. We don’t think we need to point out that performing an escape routine drunk is akin to trying to play pool with a length of rope. However, Houdini, being Houdini, not only escaped from the cask, but won his support crew a free round of beer. Houdini was so boss at escaping things, he escaped from a cask of beer so hard he won his friend’s a free round, from a brewery that no longer existed. Because Harry God-damn Houdini was just that good.



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