Why the Marine From Doom Is The Ultimate Badass


Doom is one of those games you have to play, if you haven’t, stop reading this and go play it right now, we won’t be mad, honest. Now for those of you who are left you may remember the game being very fast paced, then again, who wouldn’t run like the wind when they’re being chased by the entire army of hell. Well, not freaking Doomguy because he’s not running away from hell, he’s running right the hell into it. How badass is that?

Everyone reading this now went through puberty.

Everyone reading this now went through puberty.

But that’s not the reason we’re writing this post about Doomguy, though it very well could be. No we’re writing it because some clever person actually worked out how fast he can run. Wanna know the answer? In a straight line Doomguy can run at 43 MPH, because this is a video game he can effectively maintain that pace, forever. But here’s the thing, any Doom player worth their salt knows that running against a wall vastly increases the speed Doomguy can run. When you factor that in he actually has a top speed of around 80MPH.

That’s the image we want to leave you with. A man, armed to the teeth sprinting so fast at the never ending army of hell he breaks the god damn speed limit. If that guy isn’t a badass, we don’t know who is.


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  1. In reality, when a person is chased by an army of monster, I think he can run faster than his normal limit or exceed impossible just to be safe, ๐Ÿ™‚