Meet the Literal Bull Fighter – Mas Oyama


The only way the words “bull fighter” could be manlier is if you somehow managed to cram the word “tiger” in there somehow. It’s a job where your entire pay check is based on your ability to annoy and then avoid being gored by a creature that weighs as much as a small car with knives attached to its face. So it is with great pleasure that we’d like to introduce you to Mas Oyama, a man who opted to take the term bull fighter literally and fought and killed them. With his bare hands.


We couldn’t display a picture of Mas Oyama without breaching copyright, so here’s the word “Badass” in Korean.

Mas Oyama is noted as one of the finest users of Karate to have ever lived, keen to prove that, he took to punching the soul out of bull, though not before Karate chopping off their horns, seemingly in an attempt to prove that man’s place at the top of the food chain was absolute as long as his fist was restrained enough to not snap off and fly through time, thus killing the dinosaurs a second time.

Though the act of killing a bull was arguably, well, a really awful thing to do, the fact that Mas Oyama was able to do so with nothing more than his bare hands and punch power learned from decades of martial arts experience at the very least makes the whole thing have some scientific merit. That merit being that bulls can’t take a punch, if it’s delivered at 80 MPH by a man with balled steak for hands.

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