Mr. Clean Actually Has a First Name, And It’s…



Yes, that’s right, Mr. Clean, everyone’s favorite bald-headed purveyor of household cleaning products was given a first name in 1962. This came about at the end of a promotion called, well, “Give Mr. Clean a First Name.” What can I say, the Don Draper types weren’t as clever as television wants us to believe.

That, or they were too busy nailing secretaries and drinking scotch to care.


Anyway, Mr. Clean spent his first  five years of existence without a first name, before the idea was hatched to involve the consumers in a plan to dub him…something. Whereas these days if you ran to the internet and asked people to name Mr. Clean he would no doubt be Farty or Dongface or Lickit, the apparently classier, and perhaps a bit more uptight, folks of the early 1960’s settled on the name Veritably. Yes, that’s Veritably Clean.

Veritably of course means “real” or “genuine,” so it makes a bit of sense. Personally I’d have gone with something to match his burly persona, like Bronco, or if I was feeling a bit rambunctious, Zestfully.

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