One of the Stupidest PR Stunts Ever Was Only Averted Because of Milla Jovovich


When you look like Milla Jovovich there’s not really that much, beyond standing perfectly still and letting people look at you for a while, that you have to do for people to appreciate your existence. Which didn’t stop the actress from being the beacon of moral purity when the film studio proposed perhaps the stupidest PR stunt in recent history.

Milla pictured here,

Average picture of
 Milla Jovovich.

To really pump up the crowd for the release of Resident Evil: Retribution it was suggested that Milla “shoot” some people dressed as zombies in the movie theatre during the premiere. If you suddenly felt a chill run down your spine, we don’t blame you, because this stunt was proposed directly in the wake of the Aurora theatre shootings. Yes, a company big wig somewhere thought it would be a good idea to have Milla Jovovich open fire in the middle of a crowded cinema immediately following the Aurora massacre. Luckily for everyone involved Jovovich absolutely refused to go ahead with the stunt. But just for a second consider what how badly that would have ended if they’d cast some less awesome than Jovovich in that movie.


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  1. It would never have worked, anyway. Zombies may be undead, but they’re not THAT undead. I mean, this is MILLA JOVOVICH we’re talking about! So far from attacking, they would have formed a protective cordon around her, growling and swinging at any assistant directors foolish enough to approach.