One Thing You Probably Never Noticed About Tiny Tina.


If you’re currently scratching your head wondering who the hell Tiny Tina is, then you’ve missed out on one of the finest gaming experiences of recent times, Borderlands 2. In a nutshell Tiny Tina is what you’d get if Deadpool had a lovechild with the pre-Reddit internet then raised it on nothing but cartoons, Wu-Tang Clan albums and action movies. She’s described in game as “The worlds deadliest 13 year old” and is a noted weapons and explosives expert, she’s also completely insane. However in all of the explosions and craziness of Borderlands 2, one fact about Tina is often overlooked, the fact that she has amblyopia. If you can’t be bothered to copy/paste that word into Google, it means she has a lazy eye.

Just in case you happen to suffer from the same condition, it's her left eye.

Just in case you happen to suffer from the same condition, it’s her left eye.

Despite millions of hours being wasted/invested depending on your personal views in Borderlands 2 and the fact that Tiny Tina has a section of the game dedicated entirely to her. Few people took the time to look at her actual face and see that, holy crap, why is she looking at a vending machine instead of the saviour of the planet.

According to the games programmers, this feature was actually a mistake, however, they liked it so much, presumably because it matched her totally insane personality, that they kept it in. However, seeing as precisely 8 people noticed it anyway, it was probably unnecessary, unnecessary yet at the same time, pretty god damn awesome. If only because we know it caused at least one person out there to think their game was broken.



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  1. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS on

    Nice intro! I did indeed click on the link just because I was curious who Tiny Tina was! ๐Ÿ™‚