Paying Early, Apparently Something Banks Get Annoyed About


If there’s one thing bank’s love it’s screwing people over, well they don’t like that, but if you read the news you’d think that was the only way banks knew how to make any money whatsoever. Every other day there is guaranteed to be a story about a bank foreclosing on someone’s home because they were a day late with a payment or because the bank itself made a mistake and they’ve ruled that the customer is totally at fault. But what about if you never miss a payment, what about if in an attempt to appease the banking gods you even decide to pay your bills early, surely a bank wouldn’t have a problem with that, would they?


“Son, you know shit about banks.”

Unbelievably this actually happened, and because the universe has a sick sense of humour it happened to a seventy year old lady and her terminally ill husband, because banks take the term, YOLO, super seriously. After her husband became terminally ill, a fact we honestly wish we could type in lasers, Sharon Bullington approached her bank and asked to be moved onto a different mortgage payment plan. Which they did, to thank them for being so understanding Sharon then sent off her January payment in December, which we’d like to point out is technically a year early, making her approximately the best customer ever. Her bank didn’t see it this way and they subsequently stopped accepting any payment from her. Of course because the bank stopped accepting payments of money they were legally required to take from Sharon, she was the one who got shafted. Because life isn’t fair, unless you’re a giant faceless corporation, then it’s awesome!


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  1. IndyAndyJones on

    There is absolutely no way that making a payment which is due in January in December is a year early. It’s either 1 day to 2 months early (paying Dec 31st when it’s due Jan 1st for 1 day, or paying Dec 1st when it’s due Jan 31st for 2 months) or paying 12 months 1 day to 14 months early. None of those times equal a year. I know this is an old article, so I’m hoping you’ve been fired by now.

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