Someone Once Spent $100,000 in a Video Game


Video games are serious business, hell, GTA V just came out and it cost approximately all of the money to make, but that was a huge company, it’s not like anyone on the customer side dropped that kind of cash to play, is it? Well we’d like to introduce you to the game, Eve Online, a video game where it’s entirely possible to spend tens of thousands of dollars on virtual spaceships. If you’re a crazy Russian with limitless money and apparently no more craps left to give.

Like this, only made of solid gold. We hope.

Like this, only made of solid gold. We hope.

A player known only as,¬†SirLordex, reportedly spent over $100,000 buying in game money, ships and items to outfit his friends with the very finest weapons available to them. Whether or not they were all painted with huge middle finger decals isn’t known, but it’s safe to assume they probably were. So if you were wondering whether or not you should drop $60 on GTA V, just remember that some guy once spent $100,000 on a video game and nothing bad happened to him, so you probably should.


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