South Park Has Been Showing an Image of Muhammad for Years


Remember when that guy in a newspaper drew a picture of Muhammad and everyone totally lost their mind? It was a dark time and for a while, no one, anywhere had the balls to draw a picture of the prophet. Well, except for Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The twisted minds behind South Park.


Seen here, no doubt discussing something to do with testicles.

You may recall, depending on how much South Park you watch, that the pair were dead set on airing an episode featuring a respectful, as much as that word means in the South Park universe, image of the prophet in the episode, Cartoon Wars. However, Comedy Central refused and thus, Stone and Parker were rebuffed, or so we thought. As it turns out, Muhammad has appeared in virtually every single episode of South Park ever, in the opening credits and no one has complained. Presumably because they never made of a big deal of it. Except for right now, when we did.


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  1. Muslims need to get over it. If every person offended by something blew themselves up then their would be no world left.

  2. I know SouthPark is a parody, but that picture is highly inaccurate.

    From historical accounts we know that Muhammad had a fair complexion, wore white and green (not yellow) and had a full beard.

    Just saying.

  3. What south park did were wickedness and fallacy because there was no camera during the lifetime of the PROPHET MUHAMMAD,may the peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon HIM,to has revealed HIS picture.If maggot stomach-ache(matt stone) and tribulation prison(trey parker) do not stop this nonsense,they will shout into the park of hell.All the PROPHETS off ALLAH noble MEN and there are no differences among THEM,THEY were ALL submitted to ALLAH.

  4. Muslims INSIST that you can`t show images of Muhammad. Then how come I`ve seen pictures of him then? And of course in Dante`s Inferno, he`s shown ripping his chest open and his intestines hanging out. And when that was shown, nobody went barmy over that.