The Squirrels In The Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Remake Were Real


If you happened to watch the Charlie and the Chocolate factory remake, you no doubt noticed the scene where the dozens of highly trained nut busting squirrels attack a small child. Presumably because it’s the best damn scene in the entire freaking movie.

The shins are weak.

The shins are where the good meat is.

Of course the ones that attacked the small child were CGI, no director is crazy enough to set rabid animals on children, well, maybe Michael Bay. However, the ones you see cracking open the nuts were all real and were all trained to actually do that. Why? Because there were no midgets playing oompa loompa in that movie and god damn it people demanded to see something morally questionable in that movie. If you can’t abuse people, small furry animals are the next best thing.


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  1. Squirrels? In the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake? That didn’t happen! Besides, Veruca wanted an Oompa-Lumpa and a Golden Goose first! Not the squirrels!

  2. Actually, the Indian actor, Deep Roy, who played all the Oompa Loompas is indeed “a little person” to use the politically correct term. He has appeared in episodes of Dr.Who, as well as the 1980 Flash Gordon film and many others. According to Wikipedia, he’s only 4 feet 4 inches tall.