Steve Irwin’s Fans May Have Killed Stingrays Out of Revenge


When Steve Irwin died the world collectively got a tiny bit less awesome. Because when a man who spent half his life wrestling alligators dies, he goes straight to Valhalla without passing go or having to stop to talk to St Peter. The thing is, though Irwin spent his entire life dedicating himself to protecting the well-being of animals, his death couldn’t have been a worse deal for stingrays if he’d individually punched every single one.

Nothing teachs a ray like the back of your hand.

Nothing teachs a ray like the back of your hand.

You see, just after his death at the hands? Of a stingray was announced, dozens of dead stingrays with their tails cut off washed up on various Australian beaches. It was suggested that these were revenge attacks from fans of Irwin who had absolutely no idea what he actually stood for. Though fisherman were quick to point out that straight up murdering stingrays was common place to stop them stinging people. We think it’s safe to say that people are definitely stupid enough to think that stingray murder would make Steve’s ghost happy. Because of course people are that stupid.


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