Sun Chips Used to Come in Biodegradable Packaging, Until People Complained


The environment is one of those issues that is only going to get bigger as time marches on. As consumers become more and more aware of the damage we’re doing to the planet by throwing batteries at dolphins, they’ll inevitably start to yell at companies to stop making batteries such a satisfying weight to lug at marine animals.

If only their heads weren't so stupid and quick to anger the public.

If only their heads weren’t so stupid and quick to anger the public.

Frito-Lay, the makers of Sun Chips were one of the first companies to put chips, or indeed any product into fully biodegradable packaging. The bags Frito-Lay designed were 100%┬ábiodegradable, rather than 0%, making them infinitely better for the environment than their previous packaging choice along with the packaging of all of their competitors. However the public weren’t too keen on them and they complained in droves to ask for, nay demand that Frito-lays give them back the old animal murdering packets. Why you ask? What could possibly make the public make a giant company go back on such a progressive move? The packets were too loud.

No you didn’t go blind from the stupidity of the previous sentence, the public complained at being able to feel no guilt whatsoever at cramming their face full of chips and throwing the packet at a tree because they made too much noise. Sadly none of the people who complained took their own advice and shut their god damn mouth, leading Pepsi to eventually (the owners of Frito-lay) to discontinue the packaging, because customers being able to eat their product in silence is more important than the environment, apparently.


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