Tex Johnson, the man who did a Barrel Roll, in a jet


Though Boeing is now synonymous with aeroplanes and jet travel, back in the 1950’s the company was haemorrhaging money like they’d been stabbed by King Midas. The only money the company was making was due to their many military contract. However, they thought they could change their fortunes with the Boeing 707. All they had to do was show the world what it could do. To do that they hired one, Tex Johnson. Who, while flying a prototype version of the jet, completely without warning, decided to do a barrel roll.

The plane actually rolled because of the weight of my balls but I decided to just go with it.

“The plane actually rolled under the massive weight of my balls, but I decided to just go with it.”

Now this was a multi-million dollar piece of equipment Tex had just almost potentially destroyed, and understandably, his bosses were livid and demanded an explanation for his actions. When asked what the hell he thought he was doing, Tex simply responded with “I was selling aeroplanes”. Now sources differ on what happened next, some of them say that Tex was let off and allowed to continue with his career as a test pilot. We however insist that the second he uttered that line the entire universe instantly froze due to the intense amount of coolness Tex had just produced and that the only reason the Earth is even still spinning today is because God wants to be as cool as Tex.


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