The Badass Story of Rowan Atkinson Piloted a Damn Plane


Rowan Atkinson will likely never live down the accident prone dumbassĀ  called Mr Bean he played on TV many years ago. Though Atkinson has played a number of roles, including that of Edmund Blackadder, a character so witty and verbose they could give a dictionary a paper cut, he’ll always be seen as Mr Bean. You see that? This guy is so cool we can’t help but rap about him. However, despite his goofy reputation, Atkinson is a university educated genius and possibly a hero. Considering that he once landed a plane, saving the life of everyone on board.

This man has saved lives. What's your excuse?

This man has saved lives. What’s your excuse?

While on a private plane with his family in Kenya (because Mr Bean rolls hard or not at all), Atkinson was positively horrified to see his pilot collapse at the controls. Normally this is where a lesser man’s bladder would explode out of fear, Atkinson on the other hand simply piloted the plane himself. We’d like to point out that Atkinson had never flown a plane before this point, his instincts just took over. Though we suspect Atkinson could have easily landed the plane if he felt like, out of respect for the pilot’s ever diminishing ego, Atkinson awoke him with an almighty pimp slap and allowed him to land the plane himself. He later celebrated his heroics by telling absolutely nobody about it and then by walking away completely unharmed from a car crash. Ladies and gentlemen, we think this is proof if it was ever needed that Rowan Atkinson is a T-1000. Which if we’re honest, would explain how he’s able to make all those faces as Mr Bean, it’s easy to make funny faces when you’re made of liquid metal!


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