Top 10 Countries Where You Can Get Legally High


In 1936, the film Reefer Madness depicted the terrible consequences of just a single toke of marijuana; a psychotic rampage that can only end in murder, suicide, or lifelong incarceration. Well, we better be ready for a whole lotta killer sex rampages in the near-future. Pot is starting to become big business. Multiple states and countries are relaxing their anti-weed laws, and 4 a.m. pizza orders are about to hit an all-time high.

But even as the heavy fog of prohibition lifts on the green fog of legalization, pot is still a niche pursuit. Draconian laws mean it’s still painfully illegal in many parts of the world, and very few nations tolerate it the way they do alcohol. So, where can you legally hold that Big Lebowski smoke-a-long you’ve been planning? Try any of the following 10 countries.

Happy 4/20, everyone! This is an encore presentation of this list, as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. You can read the full list here!

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