Top 10 Facts About the Swedish Empire’s Military


Sweden is a well known country today, but they are not particularly well known for their military prowess. Most people today known Sweden for Ikea, pop music, and for being a very successful and rich, but relatively small country. However, many people outside of Sweden and the nearby countries do not realize that just a few hundred years ago, Sweden was one of the most feared military and economic powers in the world.

They held control over the trade routes through the Baltic Sea, and at one point had a stranglehold on almost all of their neighbors, arguably coming closer to defeating the Russians than any other world power ever has. While many people may not be aware of their prowess, the country of Sweden and their mighty army known in later years as the Caroleans were once the most feared force in Northern Europe.

This is an encore presentation of this list, as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. You can read the full list here!

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