Top 10 Misconceptions About Pit Bulls


At the turn of the 20th century, Pit Bulls were considered the number one family dog to have due to their loyalty and gentleness towards children. In recent years, highly publicized cases of Pit Bull fighting rings have led to many misconceptions about these breeds. Pit Bulls may be the most mysterious dogs in America- loved by their owners, feared by others and sensationalized by the media

10. The Pit Bull is a Specific Breed

The Pit Bull is commonly referred to as a specific breed of dog. In fact, Pit Bulls make up a group of several different breeds of dog. Most notably the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier. All of these breeds share similarities in build, coloring and temperament. In some areas, Breed Selective Legislation has led to non related large breeds being considered a Pit Bull, such as the Cane Corso or Alano Espanol.

9. Pit Bulls Are Aggressive to Humans

Many people believe that Pit Bulls are likely to show human aggression or to “turn” on their owners suddenly and without warning. In fact, Pit Bulls were originally bred to show no aggression towards any humans, especially their owners. Properly trained Pit Bulls are no more likely to be human aggressive than any other breed of dog.

8. Pit Bulls Have Locking Jaws

Pit Bulls are said to have jaws that lock on to whatever they bite down on, making it impossible to remove the dog from the object. Some people also believe a Pit Bull can actually dislocate its jaw to grasp on to an object larger than the dog’s mouth. A study done by the University of Georgia disproves this myth. In fact, the scientists found no unique feature on a Pit Bull that would allow them to lock their jaws.

7. The Pit Bull’s Brain Never Stops Growing

This misconception likely started from the unusually large head seen on many American Staffordshire Terriers. Many people believe that a Pit Bull’s brain starts growing from birth and never stops. As a result the dog will go insane at a certain age or have a truly huge head. In fact, the brick shaped heads found on most Pit Bulls do stop growing when the dog reaches maturity.

6. Pit Bulls Are Commonly Bred for Fighting

Largely publicized cases like Michael Vick’s pit bull fighting ring have led to the belief that the majority of people breed pit bulls to fight them in a ring. Originally, pit bulls were bred for physical tasks such as hunting and occasionally fighting. However, the majority of modern breeders choose to breed pit bulls to be a family’s companion, not a fighter.

5. Pit Bulls Are Not as Intelligent as Other Breeds

Some people believe a Pit Bull lacks the intelligence of other large breeds such as Labradors. Pit bulls are actually quite easy to train. The Pit’s willingness to learn and desire to please their owners makes it easy for them to pick up even the most advanced tricks quickly. Pit Bulls are also great climbers- many can climb trees- and love puzzle toys and hide and go seek type games.

4. Pit Bulls Have a Stronger Bite PSI Than Other Breeds

Many people believe that a Pit Bull has fiercely strong pounds per square inch of bite pressure, up to 10,000 PSI, meaning that Pit Bull could bite harder than any other breed. National Geographic completed a control study of animal bites using several different species. Crocodiles made the top of the list, with a 2,500 PSI, while dogs made the bottom of the list, with an average 320 PSI. The study used three large breeds of dogs, a German Sheppard, a Rottweiler and a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull was found to have the least bite pressure of the three, according to the American Humane Association.

3. Pit Bulls Attack Without Warning

Pit Bulls, like any other type of dog, typically attack vary rarely and always with provocation. All dogs give off warning signs, such as stiffening their bodies, before attacking any other creature. With proper training, good socialization and owner responsibility, a pit bull is just as unlikely to attack another dog or a person as any other breed of dog.

2. Pit Bulls Do Not Feel Pain

Many breeders will tell you that a Pit Bull has a high pain tolerance, or simply does not feel pain. In fact, all breeds of dogs share the same nervous system. This system allows them to feel pain similar to what any human would feel. The misconception that a pit bull does not feel pain comes from the breed’s tendency to under react in physically stressful situations. Pit bulls were originally bred for a high level of “gameness,” meaning they will continue to try completing a task despite physical discomfort.  While many people feel a pit bull not stopping to whine or cry out during stressful training or hunting sessions is a sign of a lack of pain, it is actually a sign of the breed’s desire to complete a task and please their owners.

1. Pit Bulls Bite More Than Any Other Breed

Media hype is largely responsible for this misconception. News reports of a single Pit Bull bite often make the numbers of Pit Bull attacks on humans largely inflated. In fact, the United States currently has no system in place that tracts the number of dog bites or attacks by any breed. According to the American Humane Association, the Center for Disease Control did a study on dog attacks in the United States for the years 1979 through 1998. The study proved inconclusive, mostly due to the difficulty of assigning a breed of dog for every attack and the large number of attacks in the home that go unreported.


Angela Colley

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  1. Taylor Cowie1 on

    My colleagues were wanting CA CHP 279 last month and used a great service that has a searchable forms database . If people are looking for CA CHP 279 too , here’s

  2. R.L. Eley III on

    Demonization is bred from ignorance and fear. I have 3 small dogs. My oldest boy is the epitome of Napolean Syndrome. He has gotten quite aggressive! Damn vicous Cockapoos..
    Anyways , I was raised with Pits, 9 to be exact. Myself born and bred in N.Y. went to my Grannys farm in N.C. every chance my parents could get there and the “KILLING BREED” was used to herd cattle, pull firewood uphill and guard the children from snakes & wild boars, and generally babysit all us youngsters enjoying nature! Ear pulls, tail grabs and @ times, tears from bee stings & branch whippings and not one growl, not a nip from any of the them. Once great America is in decline, kids need helmets to ride bikes, did you need one when you were a child ? We used to be considered a “Melting Pot” & now your afraid of your neighbor! Pit owners “Do” need to be more responsible and if you do not have friends of color Get some.. and try and pet a Pit once and a while!

  3. Tabitha, where did you learn about all those breeds , YOU are so smart, to know about all of them . What is a wolfdog ? Is that like SCUBE DOOBIE DOO??? PLEASE TELL ME MORE ABOUT THESE KILLING MACHINES, I would like to cross breed them all and come up with a dog like no other. TABITHA I MUST SAY YOU ARE SOOO SMART, SOOOO SMART.

    • Honestly I do not know whether to feel angry at your stupidity or sorry for your ignorance…..

  4. HEY EVERYONE….here’s the shocking truth about pit bulls….their admirers always keep praising their “sweet babies” and troll/harass those of us good citizens who rightfully raise our voices against these monstrous fighting breeds…but look in private,even pitbull lovers acknowledge that their dogs are horrible !!!!

    check it out….now,what do you have to say,hypocrites?? why do you people carry break-sticks with you,huh?? all these fighting breeds are truly a threat to society and to the safety of the people

    • The break sticks are for people like you, so we can protect our dogs..You just learned something ,imagine that..

  5. CESAR MILAN !!! on

    Hey milos busic,I’m sure you know me right,yes…CESAR MILAN….well ,I accept that I am responsible for spreading the “pitbulls are angels” myth.I used to love these dogs so much and i would mock,insult any rational person who genuinely feared for his safety…but just two days back,my pet pitbulls,whom i hand raised since puppyhood,turned on me and chomped of my penis…now what will i do ese ?? or rather,who will i do ??….i am going to cancel “dog whisperer”…i really hate pit bulls now…i support breed specific legislation…instead of “dog whisperer” i will start a documentary revealing the true faces of these monster dogs…what shall i call it…”ghost whisperer ?? “….

  6. lol….look how many people defend pit bulls despite so many vicious attacks….and one 9/11 takes place…and all brown skinned people(south asians,arabs etc) become villains !!!!….strange are the ways of man !!!

  7. people that aren’t into pitbulls will believe this stuff, I have experience with these dogs and it’s all about how you raise them, a dog is a dog no matter what you got, a friend of mine had a german shephard that bit his wife’s face when she went to hug him, so I guess all german shephard are bad, see for one incident it is easily quick to blame the breed, instead of the individual dog, stop the ignorance, discrimination doesn’t just falls on humans, but discrimination are started by humans.

  8. well,this breed certainly evokes very strong emotions/opinions from either side…those that like it and those who don’t….IMHO,the training and socialisation (or the lack of)is responsible for a dog’s behaviour…that being said,one can’t ignore the fact that these dogs do exhibit more agression than most breeds…it is a fact…i think people who are pro pit bull probably never have had their children eaten by these monsters….in their eyes pit bulls will always be innocent even if they attack/kill people….other dangerous dogs like german shepherds,doberman etc are intelligent and trainable,so even if they display agression,they are controllable but with pit bulls…it’s another pit bull people will always make statements like…”oh my babies wouldn’t hurt anyone but my neighbour’s lab/goldie is vicious “…yeah right !!!

    • larissa that is a very ignorant comment it is clear that you are obviously a pitbull hater by your “these monsters” comment u are not educated obviously on these dogs and just go by what you hear on the news or whatever about them. ALL DOGS can be mean some of the meanest dogs ive ever encountered were little ass dogs the ones everybody thinks are so cute and cuddly if a dog is vicious it is from bad training or bad temperment period. out of every litter of dogs of ALL BREEDS you are going to encounter dogs of different temperment and then u ad the fact of dumbass owners who train dogs to be agressive. yes a pitbull that has been trained to be aggressive is going to be dangerous, but wont a german shepard or lab or any kind of dog do the same?? dont be ignorant and say things like “pitbulls are monsters” because u just sound stupid and uneducated to people that know facts ive seen dogs of all breeds attack people the only reason u hear more about pitbulls is because of the rise of dumb asses getting them for ego issues and making them mean its become a fad to have the toughest looking dog. just the other day i was walking my pitbull down the street and a man had let his dog out which charged the fence in a very aggressive manner even trying to force his way under the fence to get at my dog and was barking and growling and biting the fence the whole time i walked past and you know what kind of dog it was? ….a golden retriever! so do i now think all golden retriever are mean now? no. all dogs have different personalities just as people do if one man of a certain race commits a crime do you condemn that whole race for one mans or even a few mens actions? get your facts straight before u make ignorant comments!

      • Hey jason,i think you should read larissa’s comment carefully…she is not one of those typical “ignorant pit bull haters”-the kind of people you like to hate….as much as we like pit bulls,we have to stop marketing them like as if they are the best dogs ever. She actually was more critical of pit bull owners rather than the dogs themselves…you have gone ahead and made exactly the same kind of comments she predicted that people like you would question i gotta ask the pitbull lovers is..”Would you defend pitbulls in front of someone who’s lost a loved one to these dogs ??” the end of the day,pitbulls are good but they are not for everyone and they do come with issues….

  9. Thank you for taking the time to dispel these ridiculous myths.
    What people can’t seem to understand is that it’s how the dog is RAISED that plays a MAJOR factor in how the dog will behave. It also depends on what BREEDER you buy from. Genetics and environment is what SHAPES your dogs behavior. “Pit Bulls” were not bred to be HUMAN aggressive, rather, DOG aggressive. These are TWO different things. In fact, “Pit Bulls” make some of the most LOVING, LOYAL and INTELLIGENT companions.

    It’s obvious that an attack from a “Pit Bull” will differ than an attack from a Chihuahua in severity.
    That’s where the part about being a RESPONSIBLE, EDUCATED owner comes in. -.-
    Dogs of ANY breed need to be PROPERLY socialized, trained, exercised, raised, etc.
    You can’t just “tie a dog outback” or “just let the dog do as it please”.
    This is a recipe for DISASTER, no matter the BREED.

    Fact is, ANY breed of dog can bite.
    Dogs are not “robots”; if put under enough stress/provocation, they can and WILL, “snap”.

    Do some research. Educate yourself. Stop feeding into all the “hearsay” and BS.
    It’s just COMMON SENSE. Think for you OWN self for one. -.-

  10. Its result of pure hysteria.everyone believed the
    World was flat and punished for believing different.
    when you pray on society insecure fears u can sway
    Alot of opinion. Hitler did it to a race of People. Irish setters have
    A recessive form of epilepsy that cause them to have episodes of extreme
    Aggressive and rmbr it. They r not banned and noone is warned because
    They beautiful. pit bulls look scary and r incredibly eager to please . this makes
    Them prime to b a fighting dog. You want a dog that listens and strikes fear .
    Especially if all ur life uv heard it mean . more people say there dangerous
    More dangerous people want to own them . starve beat and fight anything !!! And u will
    Have issues .

  11. “”Tony D says”” I have lived with dogs since I was a child, tow year ago found a pit-bull and she was the most loving and fun dog I had ever known.

  12. What a load of utter CRAP! This information is completely fabricated!

    Pit Bull are banned in countries for reasons that are very clear. So get real, the are dangerous dogs and their owners are usually as scatterbrained as they are.

    I’m starting a nice petition to eradiate the world of these dangerous dogs.

    • Why don’t you ban all dogs, any dog can bite, if you walk by a house with a guard dog and the owner left the gate open, that dog won’t come after you? Pits are no.3 of best temperament, why spread ignorance, think people are stupid to believe your childish stories? Grow up.

    • I have a 7 year old red nose pit and a 4 year old English/American bulldog. My dogs are loving and affectionate and would do anything to please me. All of my friend’s children climb and pull on my dogs with no problems. My pit will follow the little ones around and will come running to get me if they start crying or are upset. I’m expecting a baby and have no reservations about my dogs. People blame the wrong end of the leash. As for BSL in places like Denver and Miami, most of that occurred due to mis-educated masses. The border collie is banned in Italy. Does that mean it’s right? If a human gets arrested for assault or attempted murder do you suggest we “exterminate ” them as well. A human can make logical decisions. If a dog, of any breed, attacks it is on reaction or command. Period. Not to be cliche but the Cesar Milan is one of thebest in the industry and he owns “packs” of pit bulls and other breeds. Again, without incident. Let’s putthe blame where it belongs and not on the dog.

    • Tony D is obviously a troll and I apologize for not catching his brainless comment earlier. I would delete it but moises and ksephes have added good comments in reply so I will leave Tony’s moronic statements here for their benefit.

    • Tony , SO WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING IS , IF ONE PERSON THAT GOES BY THE NAME TONY , HAPPENS TO BREAK THE LAW , AND GETS PUNISHED FOR IT, THEN EVERY ONE THAT GOES BY THE SAME NAME MUST GET PUNISHED ALSO. What is the difference, every dog has its own personality , you just happen to be so closed minded you cant see any other way.

  13. I am a current Pit Bull owner, have been for close to 5 yrs now. I adopted my Pit when he was a year old from a local animal shelter. His previous owner had kenneled him with another pit, failed to feed them for days at a time and they were forced to stay sleeping in their own feces and urine to the point where their hair was falling out. My dog in particular also had a broken back and foot as a result of an entertainment center falling on him. He was taken from his old owner and put through many surgeries by his new foster mother, in an effort to rehab him. Soon after he was put up for adoption….then he became mine.

    My point is that my dog has endured a terrible, violent and painful past as a result of neglect….but he is the most loving, kind and loyal dog I have ever owned. I’ve even had a room mate with a 2.5lb chiapooh (chihuahua/poodle mix) that used to bite his face and try to take his food and he NEVER acted in even the slightest way aggressive. I took the time to go through obedience courses with him and he has never shown any aggressiveness in his life…..

    OWNERS are to blame for any dogs temperament….pit bulls are people pleasers….if neglected they can be a formidable foe and very dangerous….if loved and cared for they are the among the most gentle and fun dogs to have. Stricter guidelines need to be put into play with regards to who is allowed to OWN a pit bull….

    Don’t blame the breed….blame the owners…

    Just my personal experience…comments welcome.


  14. Pitbull Friends on

    I found the one about bite pressure interesting. I had heard or read that the Pitbull had the second strongest bite pressure of any animal behind the snapping turtle, I always have assumed this to be true but honestly I have never seen actual studies done or any results from such studies. I will look into it more, great post.

  15. stop the bs, it really shows you pay too much attention to the media, don’t talk about something you don’t know about.

      • Yes I do I’m just not gullible to believe anything that people say, I had pitbulls all my life and they all act like just like any other dog, my friends german shephard that he had for 3 years bit his wife’s face and they always treated him good, so does that mean he was a pitbull? probably the media and idiots like you would think that, you r probably racist to how quick you start to judge

      • As great of a response as you made, I must say that you clearly don’t have any new information to add, yet you still feel the need to be a troll.

        It’s OK, I’m sad for you, but you do what you have to do to make yourself feel validated. On the internet. Anonymously.

        • the mistake of people is they don’t check the type of breeders they are, some breed them for hunting and some breed them to be guard dogs and laat some breed them to be docile, my couzin breeds them and he got the most docile pairs and all the pups he sold all became great family dogs, it all depends on the breeders, you just got to do your homework before you by one, just like when people buy rott weilers, which bites much harder than a pit

  16. Great article! I’ve had a bully mix for 3 years now (rescued him from the shelter when he was 3 months old). It was clear that he had had a rough life already, but he is currently a well adjusted dog living at home with me, my husband, our rat terrier mix, and soon to be a baby!

    One thing I can say is that he loves kids. He’ll follow them around and actually submit to them when they come into the house! It’s pretty adorable.

    I’m not sure what kind of bully he is, could be staffy or pit. Who knows. All in all, I appreciate your article, and don’t let the ignorant haters get you down. People who agree with breed specific legislation rely on others to tell them how to think instead of developing life experiences and opinions of their own. They will always be ignorant, and will spread it around like a disease. Stupid people will believe them and follow on. That’s how the world is. Keep your head up high and know that you’re one of the few smart people left on the internet!

  17. I have never met a pit bull that was mean in nature. Smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are or can be more aggressive than pits.

    • Let’s remember that lilittle yappy dogs are far far less likely to hurt you, much less kill you, than a large four-legged hunk of muscle. Really, when was the last time you read of a Yorkie going on a rampage through a quiet neighborhood?

      When asked, the Yorkshire’s owner said, “I don’t understand this. She was always such a calm and friendly dog, but now this. . .”

      • I’ve been attacked by a lab, the “family dog”.

        Who do I blame? THE OWNER. Why was the dog out running freely throughout the neighborhood and why was it aggressive.

        Dogs aren’t born aggressive and they don’t just randomly turn aggressive one day. They are made that way by the people supposed to be taking care of them.

        • Attacked by a lab ?? really ????…so sick and tired of you people maligning other breeds to glorify your “sweet and innocent “pitbulls..and for the record,majority of the pitbulls involved in these attacks are not “victims of abuse”…they just pursued their “adorable” instincts…killing !!!

          “Dogs aren’t born aggressive and they don’t just randomly turn aggressive one day”
          Uh-huh, weren’t pitbulls bred for that purpose ?? or are you gonna deny that as well ??

          “They are made that way by the people supposed to be taking care of them.”

          Now i agree with you…they are made that way…all fighting breeds

        • american pitbull terrier,american staffordshire terrier,staffordshire bull terrier,dogo argentino,fila brasilerio,presa canario,tosa inu,caucasian shepherd,central asian shepherd,boerboel,bandogs,bully kuttas….ban them all..these vicious killing machines…and dont get me started on wolfdogs !!!

        • Sanjay the great indian on

          martin and tabitha,you guys have spoken the truth,that’s why you’ll have to pay the price…obviously lower life forms like milos busic would be enraged…these pitbull lovers are concerned only with the reputation of their “angels”…why would it matter to them that so many children are ripped into shreds by these fighting breeds….but say a word against their “babies” and we are guilty…so let them live their “Sweet”,”innocent”,frankenmaulers…and let us good citizens die…then they will be happy….

  18. I love dogs likely more than any average person but to try and foist #9 & #3 as fact is just ludicrous. Pit Bulls consistently are involved in a greater percentage of deaths and in particular against their owners especially in cases where 2 or more are owned. That pack mentality takes over, this breed snaps and goes nuts, end of story. Maybe the author will have a different opinion in a few years after half her faces gets chewed off.

    • Actually, many of hese attacks that the media reports about are often from a number of big dogs. The Akita can be accounted for many attacks that are claimed as pit bull attacks.

      I highly doubt the owner will have “half her face chewed off” because the simple fact is that the pits that do attack are often abused, neglected, and provoked. In fact, I’ve never been attacked by a pit bull (speaking specifically of the American Pit Bull Terrier), and have been around 9 or more at once at dog shows and at family homes. I have been attacked by a lab who was running loose in my neighborhood. Odd, right?

      Check your facts. You’re ignorant, and you spread it around like a disease.

    • Some people can be so ignorant when it comes to this trype of breed! these animals are one of the most loving and loyal animals there are out there!

      • So you own pit bulls, call them loving and I’m the ignorant one? So tell me (while you still have fingers to type) why is this breed being banned in more and more communities/states? Please don’t deny this either, it is fact.

        • When walking my pit, many people ask me “is he safe” when they stop to speak. That question always catches me off guard! Rosco will do almost ANYTHING for a belly rub! He has been so well socialized that his vet and groomer keep him in the lobby because he is so fun to play with. No one is a stranger to Rosco, every human he meets is just another opportunity to be spoiled to him. And he is so smart! I have him on video following the “sit” command at 7 weeks 🙂 He looks like a pit. His bark can pierce your ear drums. I can see why people who don’t know him would be intimidated, but I think that intimidation comes from fools like you who categorize and spread hate and lies.

        • How am I “spreading hate & lies” Teresa? Allow me to reiterate I LOVE DOGS!!
          Again I ask, if I am wrong why are more & more communities either banning them or requiring insurance for you to own them?

        • “When walking my pit, many people ask me “is he safe””

          -obviously they would…:D

          “Rosco will do almost ANYTHING for a belly rub! ”

          -does ANYTHING include mauling other people and their pets

          “He has been so well socialized that his vet and groomer keep him in the lobby ”

          – hahaha…was this a sarcastic comment ??..If so,hats off to you 😀

          “His bark can pierce your ear drums.”

          -so can his teeth..all 42 of ’em LOL

          “I can see why people who don’t know him would be intimidated”

          -ah so you do know….hehe

        • Wow Kevin, you’re a bit of an arse aren’t you?!

          Did you seriously write about the breeds teeth? Sorry but what breed of dog doesn’t have teeth that can come in a range of sizes?

          Pits don’t have massive teeth, their medium actually compared to other breeds!

          So wind your neck in and keep you arrogant comments to yourself!

  19. The fact remains that the breed is the most dangerous in the world, accounting for well over 50% of the dog fatalities in the United States since 2005. The Wikipedia article on pit bulls strongly cites the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2000) study, which puts only 238 people being killed by dogs over a 24 year period, with only 32% of the fatalities coming by way of a pit bull. This data is much different from modern day reports, which is more revealing and not included in the Wikipedia article. It can be found in the article “List of Fatal Dog Attacks in the United States.” Since 2005, 183 people have been killed in the U.S. by a dog attack, 105 of those deaths were from a pit bull type breed (57%).

    Of course this is breed specific, with the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and Staffordshire bull terrier becoming banned in many countries and areas of the United States, including Ontario, Miami, and Denver. This negative attention towards the pit bull has increased the cost of liability insurance when owning one of these breeds. “If properly trained pit bulls are no more aggressive than other dogs.” The problem is people don’t know how to train them and often use pit bulls as guard dogs. Nice call on the locking jaw. That is a widely reported myth. Some methods to force pit bull-type dogs to release their grip include breaking an ammonia ampule and holding it up to the dog’s nose or using a “break stick” to lever the dog’s jaws open if it bites a person or animal.

    • I think we need to stop looking at the breed of dog when it comes to incidents of attack, and start looking at the type of person the owner is. It can’t be denied that a breed with a fierce reputation would attract certain types of people to own it.

    • The only reason why those statistics are so high, is due to the amount of people using this breed for fighting and in their own gambling purposes! Its like saying cockerills (excuse the spelling) are very dangerous animals. Again, a breed of animal used to fight! Doesn’t make them anymore dangerous without influence!

      If you actually look at the history of this breed, without looking on wikipeadia, which is obviously the fountain of all knowledge, you will find that they were originally working dogs, which speak for their strong build! They are also known as the Nanny dog, which means they are amazing with children, unbelievably protective and are very kind and just seek their owners approval!

      I myself actually own two mix pits with rotties, again known as a Nanny and working dog, and couldn’t ask for more loyal protective and couch potatoes! They are unbelievably laid back and in no way viscous!

      So next time you make a statistic filled arrogant speech, look on a website other than wikipeadia

      • “The only reason why those statistics are so high, is due to the amount of people using this breed for fighting and in their own gambling purposes”

        so why dont pitbull lovers do something about it instead of criticising victims ???

        you pitbull lovers keep saying blame the deed not the breed…but the deeds are always done by this breed only !!!..i got a saying too…prevention is better than cure…hence breed specific legislation
        i know that any dog is capable of this…but you cannot ignore the fact that the pit isnt ANY dog..its an animal bred for fighting….

        • thank goodness for people like you steve who speak sense…im seriously sick of all these people who keep praising these monster dogs..i can never forget how one of these “friendly”,”loving”,”sweet” dogs ripped apart Flora (my friend’s little cavalier king charles spaniel)…i hate all fighting breeds…

        • Mary you dont speak any sense at all. You must hate a lot of people in this world cause a lot of people fight with other people, just like dogs are gonna fight with other dogs. Do you get along with everyone you meet? You cant expect dogs to get along with every dog they meet. Every time I am out with my pit bull , it is always the little dog that starts the fight, but I am there to stop it before it happens. Now should I be mad at all little dogs, like you are with pit bulls? You call them fighting breeds, what is a fighting breed? lets see dogs fight, cats fight,monkeys fight, fish, birds, people, everyone must be considerd a fighting breed. Was petey the pit bull from the LIL Rascals a fighting breed? Well I never heard of him eating any of the little kids. Now listen and learn, there is no such thing as a vicous breed of dog , and a dogs appearance has nothing to do with his actions or behavior.That is all you need to tell your self every morning before you walk out that door, A dog was never brought into this world a fighter, he was raised that way, Every dog has its own personality also, How can people not get that, its common sense. Mary can you honestly say that you have never seen in your life time a pit bull and a child together as a family? You have never seen the LIL Rascals show.You have never been in a shelter and seen all the pit bulls just begin for some love from anyone, no matter what they have been through, it would just break your heart. Thank god a dog knows how to forgive a lot easier than any human being can.I am gonna start telling everyone I see that anyone with the name MARY is evil and mean . I have read that mary hates pit bulls so all Marys must be alike.

        • hey milos busic…are you a dog or a human ?? I mean seriously, is the reputation of these dogs more important than the lives of innocent children ?? you should honestly develop common sense ?? or maybe,spending too much time with those monster dogs has robbed you of that too…you talk about the little rascals…lol,that is just a tv show…i saw dr.dolittle 2 the other day…so can i keep archie the brown bear as my pet ?? i hope you understand what i am hinting at ??

        • Think about it, if there wasn’t a pit bull, what other dog would they use as “fighting” dogs? Alsations (excuse spelling) are used as police dogs and taught how to attack! If there were only small breeds of dogs, which would be the “vicious” or “monster”dog as you say? And just quickly, what about chihuahua’s? Their tiny little things but are actually considered very vicious! Maybe its just the little man syndrome that you find in most small dogs, or with the people who write on here thinking their billy big bollucks!

          And im sorry to here can’t your friends dog,I personally think king Charles’ are gorgeous dogs and would love one myself, but think my two would accidentally step on it lol

          But I digress! What about Irish wolfhounds for that matter, their massive and I think their beautiful as well but their big, they might attack someone or something, just because their big hey? There’s loads of things you can say about different breeds that can describe their characteristics that may be daunting for some people but doesn’tmean this is dangerous!

          I mean who can remember Lassie the dog? I was bitten in the face by that breed and it was because id spooked him! His owner was no where to be seen I was afraid for the dogs safety at obviously it being a dog didn’t really understand my reasoning for staying put! And I freaked him out and he turned round and warned me off, obviously I was taken by surprise but the dog followed me back to where I had been originally and sat and whined in apology! I feel nothing horrible against the dog, im mature enough to understand that it was me who freaked him out, nothing do with him being a horrible dog at all!

          And im sorry but if you say this should be reasons for putting the breed down, what about humans? How many times a year or week even, do people, kill someone else, with the intent to kill and harm, to hurt! And how many dogs do you see spotting the one or type of person to harm intentionally and plan to kill?

          We’re worse! And so are you for being so incentive to people who may love this breed and may have loyal members of the breed within their home and family!

  20. Great list. Pitbulls have definitely received a lot of bad, often untrue, publicity.