Top 10 Oddly Specific Dating Websites


Single? You may be eating soup for one, but you’re certainly not alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 96 million people in America above the age of 18 who haven’t found someone to “put a ring on it.” While this figure does count everyone “single” as single, divorced or widowed, that’s still a large number of people in the dating pool, and 61% of them have not ever been married.

One of the most popular ways to dip your toes in this dating pool is to turn to online dating. Why shouldn’t it be? With people spending longer hours at work, social circles getting smaller and getting harder to meet someone simply “by chance,” we’ve got to get out and mingle somehow. The Pew Research Center in late 2013 did some interesting research on online dating and some of the attitudes about it had certainly changed, even from just 8 years ago. So it has become more and more acceptable to meet someone via an online dating site. The Pew Research Center discovered that 11% of adults in the U.S.A. had used an online dating site, or a dating app.

What’s that Mom always says? “There’s a lid out there for every pot.” The dating sites we’ve found certainly prove that, as they are err, quite unique to say the least. It may surprise you to know that some of these dating sites are out there – and some are way, way out there! Even if these aren’t your cup of tea or java, they may give you the confidence to know that there truly is someone out there, for everyone!

10. Date a Farmer


On the site you’ll see the motto “City Folks Just Don’t Get It.” If you prefer making jam to being in traffic jams or your idea of owning a pet is having a horse or maybe a goat, then this is certainly the place for you! It makes sense people who live on farms would want to find that right match. The American Farm Bureau Federation ® states that nearly 97% of American farms are operated by families, individuals or families running businesses – so a single farmer would want to find someone who believed in their big dreams as much as they did. Some people can’t breathe without being within 3 city blocks of their favorite espresso place – and they can keep their city living ways to themselves.

Here you’ll find people living in the country – not “just” farmers – who are seeking others who live there or who want to enjoy that specific type of lifestyle.

9. Millionaire’s Club


The thought of marrying a millionaire for some may bring to mind that popular Marilyn Monroe movie, where 3 pretty girls on-the-town try to snag eligible bachelors with little to no success. But no matter how big your bank account, we all want someone to watch that Netflix movie with on Sunday night. Perhaps you are the ambitious type who has focused on your career and would now like to find that special someone? Or you are single, looking and figure that Mom always said it was as easy to “marry rich as it was to marry someone poor.” Well, the Millionaire’s Club is the place for you where the goal is to find love and romance with a wonderful millionaire. Patty Stranger is known for her TV show on the Bravo network, The Millionaire Matchmaker. The site boasts a 99% success rate. Who wouldn’t want to marry a millionaire? The Millionaire’s Club has more than 30k members, perhaps they have your match waiting for you!

8. Date a Fellow Trekkie  


Looking for someone to “Live Long and Prosper” with? If you missed your sister’s wedding to attend the last Star Trek Convention, it really is best to be with someone who understands your passions.  Things a fellow Trekkie will get. You can find one at It is a dating personals and social community site for Star Trek fans.  So if you would like someone who can whisper sweet nothings in your ear in Klingon, this is the place to go, not the sports bar around the corner. It may start with: “‘IH mIn DaHutlh’a’” (You have beautiful eyes) “tango vIneH?” (Want to tango?) Or if things really go nicely, “qaparHa’qu’” (I love you)!

7. Dating for Cancer Survivors


Sometimes it is easier to date someone who has experienced the same things you have. The American Cancer Society reports there are 13.7 million cancer survivors in the U.S.A.. That number is expected to increase to 18 million by 2022. We’ve already mentioned how many single people are in America, so it is logical to expect there are cancer survivors among the group. At, you can create a free profile (there are fees for using the account regularly to flirt and interact). Meet someone who can relate to the battle you’ve faced and successfully won.


On first appearance, is seemingly a regular free online dating service catering to everyone. However, upon closer inspection, it is available for everyone in… AND off the world, including… Space Aliens! Unlike any other dating site on the web, when members sign up, they can choose a wide variety of ethnicities, including “Grey Alien” for their dating profile. The site allows members to chat live via private message, chat rooms, and even video chat. The site and all features are 100% free. The person you interact with, date with and hang out with, might actually be a real grey alien disguised (or not disguised) as a human, but you’d never know for sure!

5. Frugal People Find Dates


Now before you start giggling at the thought of one frugal person trying to meet another, take in this sobering fact: the typical American home has just over $15k in credit card debt. That’s enough to have many of us start to think about cutting a few coupons or check to see which restaurants offer 2 for 1 entrée specials for that first date. At this you can see how many people have visited your profile, how many people want to meet you and also chat with members. Frugal people know there is a difference between saving money and being cheap. Frugal is giving your sweetie a handmade card with her Valentine’s Day flowers. Cheap is not giving her anything, and winding up back on the Frugal Dating site!

4. Geeks Get Dates


No Longer Active.

Geek2Geek admits on their About Us page that Geeks aren’t like other people; they have special, sophisticated interests and want to talk about them with their friends and dates. Geeks also “make the best friends and lovers, because they’re smart and they’re loyal.” Geek2Geek dating site uses a matching system – excuse us, a “computer algorithm” – to help fellow geeks find one another. If your last date didn’t laugh at that last Table of Elements Knock Knock joke, then quite likely someone you meet from this site will.

3. Greek Dating – for Sorority and Fraternity Members


Whether you’re a member of the Alpha Kappa Lambdas or the Phi Gamma Deltas, you know that belonging to a sorority or fraternity is a unique experience. There are all of those fun parties and they don’t accept just anyone into their group. With, you can “date Greek” and meet someone who fully understands the sorority and fraternity life, and all that entails. Many keep up these ties well after graduation so finding a mate who does the same is ideal. It’s kind of like getting accepted to your 1st choice house on the 1st day of rush week. We thought you’d understand!

2. Love Me, Love My Dog


Diane Lane made singles especially laugh in the 2005 comedy Must Love Dogs, when she tried online dating and hoped to find a fellow dog lover and found a whole heck of a lot else. But now there is actually a site dedicated just for people who own dogs. They offer a free 3 day trial of the site and a free e-book, “Dog Lovers Need Love Too.” We assume they mean more than tail wags and puppy kisses. But seriously, this could be the site for you if you want someone to hang out with at the dog park on a Saturday afternoon.

1. Dating for Actors


Going after your dream to appear on the silver screen or the flat screen? At, you’ll meet fellow actors who are just like you. Creative and dedicated people that have decided to follow their favorite passion of acting and drama. You can use their site with Facebook, Twitter or an E-mail address. Their motto is “Find real love, in real life.” We hope you won’t get jealous if they have to kiss someone else in a movie love scene!

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