Top 10 Terrifying Pokemon Pokedex Entries


The Pokemon series has been going strong for over a decade and the current roster of Pokemon stands at just under 650, a number that’s only going to shoot up when the next generation of the game is released later this year. So, I thought I’d catalogue the 10 Pokemon I felt had the most terrifying in-game descriptions. I used direct quotes from the in-game Pokedex for each of these entries. The Game the entry was taken from will be noted in each example.

10. Beedrill


Beedrill is one of the first Pokemon encountered in both the anime and the first generation version of the game. If you can’t tell by its name it’s based on a common bee crossed with everything wrong in the world.

According to Bulbapedia, a Beedrill is just over 3ft tall and weighs around 65 pounds. If a 3ft tall bee that weighs more than a small child isn’t scary enough, according to the Pokedex entry for Pokemon Ruby, “Beedrill is extremely territorial” and if angered, they will “attack in a furious swarm”. So all forests in the Pokemon world are filled to the brim with giant bees that can fire needles at you, and we thought Australia was bad.

9. Yamask


Yamask is a ghost type Pokemon introduced in the 5th generation of games. Though ghosts aren’t rare in the Pokemon universe, Yamask is uniquely terrifying in the fact that its in-game description alludes to it once being human. The description in Pokemon Black/White 2 states “These Pokémon arose from the spirits of people interred in graves.” If that wasn’t bad enough, the description in Pokemon Black states that Yamask’s mask, “used to be its face” and that sometimes it cries when it sees it.

If a ghost that cries about how ugly it is isn’t freaky enough, you can breed Yamask. So in effect, everytime you breed one, you’re killing another person. No wonder they cry.

8. Driftloon


Driftloon is another ghost type Pokemon that was introduce in generation 4. Its appearance is based on that of a balloon, a symbol of childhood innocence that Driftloon uses to straight kidnap people!

According to the Pokedex entry from Pokemon Diamond “it tugs on the hands of children to steal them away,” however, because it’s so light it’s usually not able to. Note the use of the word “usually” there because according to the Pokedex entry from the next game, HeartGold “it is whispered that any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and holds on to it could wind up missing”. Could! Could wind up missing. This is in a game where you play as a 10 year old. Why the hell does your mother let you leave the house without lead boots when things like this exist?

7. Houndoom


Houndoom is a dark/fire type heavily based on a Doberman, a dog mostly known for being able to rip people’s faces off easier than it can sit down.

Now I’d just like to point out that Houndoom exists in a world where people battle Pokemon for fun and that it can learn a move called “flamethrower.” Got it? Awesome. Well, according to the entry from Pokemon Gold “if you are burned by the flames it shoots from its mouth, the pain will never go away.” Now if its flames can burn a person, it’s only natural to assume they can burn a Pokemon.

So every time you tell this Pokemon to use flamethrower, you’re condemning the opposing Pokemon to a lifetime of agony. Pokemon is pretty metal when you read into it.

6. Aron


Aron is a tiny steel Pokemon that despite only being a foot tall, weigh in excess of 100 pounds. Though it’s arguably one of the cuter Pokemon listed here, it’s what this Pokemon eats that makes it terrifying.

According to, well, every Pokedex entry, it eats metal and when hungry enough “hunger may drive it to eat railroad tracks and cars”. Just think about that for a second: it eats railroad tracks. People won’t take public transport when they think a guy with a beard is going to crash it into a building, how do the people of the Pokemon universe feel safe taking it when a really common animal might eat half the track!

5. Gyarados


Gyarados evolves from Magikarp, a Pokemon famous for always looking surprised at how stupid it looks. Though Magikarp is almost uselses, Gyarados is notably one of the most powerful Pokemon one can encounter. Literally.

In game it is one of the few Pokemon you can encounter at level 100 (as powerful as it’s possible for a Pokemon to be) and it can be caught with a simple fishing rod. According to the Pokedex from the very fist game “it is capable of destroying entire cities in a rage.” Entire freaking cities! It’s noted that it only does so when it is in a rage, but according to Pokemon Ruby “its brain cells undergo a structural transformation” which mean that it is always angry. Imagine a world where the Hulk was real and he lived in lakes. That’s the world Pokemon trainers live in.  Every day.

4. Wailord


Wailord is one of the largest Pokemon in the series and once again, you can catch it with a fishing rod. If being able to catch Monstro isn’t terrifying enough, here’s something else that’s just icky. Pokemon breeding is rather complicated, but basically, Pokemon don’t need to be exactly the same type to breed. For example, a Wailord (which is 47 ft tall) can breed with a dozen of so Pokemon that are less than a foot tall. It only makes it worse when you considered that Wailord can learn the moves “Bounce,” “Thrash,” and “Water Spout”. Well, it’s only worse if you have a really dirty mind.

3. Slowking


Slowking is the evolution of Slowbro, a Pokemon so immensely stupid it doesn’t know when it sustains injury and it thinks sharing memes on Facebook will change someone’s mind.

However, when a Shellder bites its head, it gains superhuman intelligence. But how you ask? Well, anonymous voice in my head, according to Pokemon Crystal, “Every time it yawns, Shellder injects more poison into it. The poison makes it more intelligent.”

Yep, in the Pokemon universe having poison injected directly into your skull and brain makes you more intelligent. That’s just science. The weird thing is though, Slowking dedicates its new found intelligence to solving the mysteries of the universe and we force them to fight. This thing could be trying to cure cancer and instead we make them slap each other in the face. They’re not the monsters, we are.

2. Alakazam


Alakazam has a reported “IQ of 5000” according to the Pokemon Crystal Pokedex. Unlike Slowking, Alakazam isn’t noted to use its massive intelligence for anything other than fighting, which is somehow, more terrifying. Alakazam “remembers everything,” including that time you let it get poisoned and has the ability to mind punch your kidneys until you urinate blood.

1. Mr. Mime


Mr. Mime was featured in the first game release and has been hidden ever since, though many people have been quick to point out that Mr. Mime is creepy as all hell. It’s far more terrifying if you read its Pokedex entry.

According to Pokemon Blue/Red, “if interrupted while it is miming, it will slap around the offender with its broad hands.” But you have to remember that Mr Mime, is always miming which is probably why later entries focused on the fact that Mr. Mime has actual magic powers. To quote HeartGold, “it gains the ability to create invisible objects as it matures”. So Mr Mime is an abomination of the human form that has the ability to create walls from thin air and will slap you with his man sized hands if you interrupt him. Oh, and he can be female. Think about it.

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  1. ur off by a long shot and btw gen 7 already came out, u should read sliggoo’s new entry: It has trouble drawing a line between friends and food. It will calmly try to melt and eat even those it gets along well with.

  2. Dreamingflower on

    What about Dusknior? It’s belly is like a giant black hole that can swallow anything it wants. *shudders*
    Darkrai can give you eternal nightmares where you can’t wake up from unless you have the lunar feature. I can’t bear getting attacked by scary clowns or living chuckies in my dreams over and over again, that’ll give me a heart attack.

  3. This article is very interesting an to contradict those dangerous, out-this-world and world ending dream to the hellish truth of the Pokemon world, we have:

    Pokemon Rangers: Be it the sea, the desert or the forest, They’re in charge of pokemon harmony and the protection of the environment, pokemon and people wandering all over the vast pokemon world.

    Psychic, Ghost and Dark Pokemon Trainers, Elites, Leaders and Masters: They could be wandering around ancient ruins, ghostly underground caves or freaking haunted castles to communicate, train, help or destroy all pokemon entities (especially the evil ones on either way).

    Nurse Joy and the Pokemon Center Staff: They’re the most important foundation in every major city or infamous town. They can heal, restore, mend, help in evolution or any other light requests from trainers especially eternal agony from Houndoom burns.

    Officer Jenny and the Police Force: They patrol towns and streets to prevent crime and kidnapping from around any corner with the aid of their fellow Pokemon officers.

    Pokemon-certified breeders especially the breeding couple: They help you ease your mind from anxiety when you have a problem with breeding your pokemon. Pregnant pokemon or falling in love with your pokemon~, they always help…

    And finally..

    Pokemon Move Busters: Special trainers with the ability to train pokemon with valid moves and help them master moves to prevent them from failing, missing or better yet from hurting others and themselves, Add more power, on special and physical moves, defend attacks and most importantly, make pokemon manage the time given to them to respond in a situation with or without the trainers help in unique settings…

  4. Mewtwo and Deoxys are the most terryfying

    Mewtwo is the most savage and while not being in it’s move set he can hypnotise people and turn them to stone, like he did in the movie
    he also has machines to capture and clone anything, imagine a psychic mutant to capture and then clone you and let you get killed by your clone who would take over your part of existance and slowly removig all humans and there would only be pokemons and clones

    Deoxys is a freekish space mutant that can transform to be superfast, strong like hell and indestructable, also he is described to be a space mutation that can infect others, so he can fill the whole world with it’s kind.
    we are to him nothing but things he could infect any given moment that he sees you he would turn you into his kind and if you already thought that you where unlucky when that happens, being born does not mean that you can walk, so if you then don’t know how to use it’s moveset any trainer could catch you and turn you into it’s pokemon to battle for ethirnity or when he meet’s a deoxys who can infect, forgetting about you and letting you to rot in a pokeball

  5. Chandelure’s evolution is terrifying. Litwick takes your soul, Chandelure burns it, then Lampet gets rid if it. Ceases the victim from existance.

  6. Walterfall on

    what about parasect? I’d say mind-controlling shrooms are pretty damn scary

  7. Slowing evolves from SlowPOKE, not Slowbro. Slowpoke can evolve into either slowbro or slowking.

  8. Those were not even the most terrifying ones. Mr Mime at no 1? I can think of so many more. Shedinja for one has a hole in its back, where apparently if you look into it, you lose your soul.

    • Karl Smallwood on

      Shedinja steals your spirit, Mr Mime steals your ability to feel safe. Then it slaps you with its man hands when you scream.

      I’m a big fan of Pokemon, maybe if this list does well I’ll write a sequel and include Golbat, a 5ft tall bat that instinctively goes for the face.

  9. Holy magikarp! Aron and I share the same name! And the same propensity to eat steel rails wen we’re hungry!