Top 10 Ways to Use Your Pee to Improve Your Life


Don’t throw away your pee before checking this list out! Pee, also known as urine, is from the Latin word urina, and means “to moisten, flow.” It is a golden liquid with some golden benefits. Urine is now used for urine therapy because it is not a waste product but a by-product of blood filtration. The first urine of the day and the mid-stream urine are the best. Urine therapy basically is using your own urine as a way of sustaining health. This includes drinking, massaging with the urine, or bathing in the urine. From the unusual benefits of pee listed below, time has come for us to stop taking it as waste and throwing it away. Drink one liter of water per day during the pee therapy. Foods that are pungent and salty and those with excessive protein should be avoided. Avoid using the pee that is passed at night. Pee is a very effective healing natural treatment, can boost immune system and improve nervous disorder. It rejuvenates the body and is a form of treatment with no side effect.

10. Tans leather.


For those with tanorexica or an addiction to tanning leather. You will be happy to know that you have the chemical that will do what you like, as pee consists of urea and this turns into ammonia when degraded. When ammonia is in water, it will act as a caustic but weak base. The high pH in pee breaks down organic material, making it a perfect substance for use in softening and tanning animal hides. Due to this, animal skins can be soaked in pee making the removal of hair and unwanted flesh from the skin very easy

9. Cleans and whitens clothes.


Do you fear buying white clothes because of stains? Guess what? The ammonia in pee is capable of removing stains. So, next time you do not have soap in the house, bear in mind that your bladder is carrying the best soap. As a matter of fact, ammonia is one of the prominent ingredients found in cleaning products. In ancient Rome, vessels to collect pee from people passing by were placed on the streets (picture that). After the buckets were full, they were taken to a laundry and the pee used to wash dirty clothes. Ammonia in pee is effective because dirt and grease are acidic and are neutralized by the ammonia. It is recommended for the removal of tough stains.

8. Gunpowder.


Gun enthusiasts can be happy to know that they can make their own gunpowder as Saltpetre; a key ingredient of explosives can be made from pee. Ammonia from pee that is stagnant will react with oxygen, forming nitrates. These nitrates are negatively charged nitrogen bearing ions which combine with potassium ions to make potassium nitrate that can be used in guns. Pee can be left to ferment and the salts formed from this fermentation are washed, then mixed with wood ash and added to sulphur and charcoal making black powder.

7. Teeth Whitener.


Any problems with discolored teeth? Can’t smile or give someone a smooch? The ammonia in pee can do the job of making your teeth white. This was practiced by the ancient Romans who used pee to brighten their teeth. The popularity of whitening and bleaching procedures has dramatically increased. The need to whiten teeth is not a new phenomenon. Records show that ancient Egyptians and Romans were among the first to discover various methods to whiten teeth.

6. Teeth Growth.


Pee is just not for the loo anymore. Do you need to grow teeth? The stem cells from pee have been reprogrammed to make neurons. These have been used to grow teeth. This was done by Chinese scientists where the human tissue was implanted with tissue from the jaw of a mouse embryo. This ability to regenerate can help in cases of loss of teeth due to disease or accidents. In a journal known as Stem Cells, pee cells are considered the best for regeneration because they do not form tumors like other stem cells.

5. Electricity.


Unable to pay your electricity bill or do you need to cut down your electricity expenses? In Singapore, physicists have been successful in the creation of the first paper battery to generate electricity using pee. Have no gas for your generator? Pee can be used as a fuel, as demonstrated in Africa by some teenage girls. This was done by putting pee into an electrolytic cell, so that the hydrogen became separated. The hydrogen was then purified in a water filter, and then put into a gas cylinder. This was responsible for pushing the filtered hydrogen into another cylinder containing liquid borax, to remove moisture from the gas. The hydrogen was then pushed into a power generator. Good idea for those who want frugal living tips.

4. Dyeing fabric.


During the 1500’s, pee was used by families to develop brighter colors during fabric dyeing. It was of great importance in the booming textile industry in England. The urea in pee is what gives it the ability to dye. This ability is as a result of the urea making it possible to dissolve more dye in a given volume, for the strongest of colors, and can help keep the fabric damp long enough for the reaction to occur. Picture thisPutting the materials you want dyed in a urinal or toilet with a note that only pee is allowed.

3. External uses.


Caution, may cause pregnancy if using pee of divinity.

Need to improve your skin quality? It is suggested that a wash in the golden fluid at least once a week retains youthful skin, keeps it smooth, and protects against dry skinPee can be massaged with, older pee being more effective, but you have to bear with the strong smell. So, after some time, remember to wash it off with water and mild soap. The result is the nourishment of the body through the skin, healing all manner of skin problems including itching, sunburns, eczema, and acne. For men, fresh pee is a cheap aftershave as it gives you beautiful soft skin. Gentle rubbing of the pee into acupressure points, for example on the ears, is very useful when reactions are too strong, due to allergies. It can be used as foot baths for any skin and nail problems. The hair and scalp can be massaged with pee to stimulate new hair growth and renders hair soft and keeps it clean. But remember to wash it off properly as pee can stink, and more so if you have had the pleasure of feasting on asparagus. Avoid combining pee therapy with chemical or recreational drugs.

2. Animal repellent and a plant fertilizer


Are animals feasting on your flowers and vegetables? For gardeners, this is the most frustrating part of gardening. You can use a home remedy that is free and available to keep these animals away. If you do not find toilets and urinals fun to take a leak in, then do it in the garden.  If possible use the first morning urine which can be sprayed onto the plants. Apart from keeping animals away from the garden, urine can be used as a fertilizer. Guess what? It is a fact of life that men are more equipped to pee all over things, as they can water direct from the hose, which is an advantage if  you are a male gardener. Ladies, don’t be discouraged. You can do it or use Adam’s gift to all men to your advantage if you have a husband, a son or a boyfriend. An adult’s urine has enough nutrients to fertilize crops. The high nitrogen levels in urine are beneficial for plant growth.

Aside from human beings, animals have use of this liquid gold. The billy goat will urinate all over his belly, chest, and beard to attract a mate. A male porcupine sprays the piss in different directions, and when he finds a mate, he urinates over her!



If you are reading this, you probably have your phone near you. And before long you will get up to take a piss.Well, don’t be quick to flush the toilet because the yellow stuff you intend to send down the sewage could actually charge your phone because scientists from Bristol have developed a way of charging mobile phones using pee. The scientists were able to charge the phone to two bars. They used it to make phone calls, send texts and even surf the web. The mechanism used was powering microbial fuel cells with urine, being energy converters that give electricity.

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