Ulrich von Liechtenstein was a Real Knight Who Really Jousted


If the name, Ulrich von Liechtenstein, doesn’t mean anything to you, we’re sorry for the huge, Heath Ledger shaped hole in your life. For the 8 of you who haven’t watched the film we’re referring to, Ulrich von Liechtenstein is the false identity Ledger’s character assumes in the film, A Knights Tale.


There’s no caption, we got lost in Ledger’s eyes.

Here’s the thing though, Ulrich von Liechtenstein was also a knight who jousted for the love and wet parts of a woman. Just like Ledger’s character, he submitted himself to an unreasonable amount of personal suffering to do so. For example when Ulrich injured his finger in a joust, his lady friend didn’t believe him, in response Ulrich cut off his finger and sent it to her. Why? Because he knew 1400 years later he’d have to live up to Heath Ledger’s name and wanted people back then to know he was a stone pimp.


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