The Most Unsettling Radio Call-in You’re Going to Hear All Day


Even though the government recently acknowledged the existence of Area 51 it is still an area of the world shrouded in mystery and rumour, this is despite the fact the only reason we think it houses aliens in the first place is because some crazy guy in the 80’s went on TV and said so. Even still, Area 51 is a the holy grail for conspiracy theorists and lovers of numerical naming everywhere. And let’s be honest here, no one really buys that they use it to test only top secret military jets, regardless of how awesome they look.

Aliens could never design something this radical.

Aliens could never design something this radical.

Throughout the years there have been many people come forward and claim that they worked at the facility, usually these people are either deemed crazy, stupid or both. However, every now and again there’s one story that sends a shiver down your spine, this is one of those stories.

Back in 1997 a radio talk show got a call from a man who claimed he used to work at Groom Lake (Area 51), now a good radio host would have hung up on the guy right there, but this one didn’t and what followed is genuinely one of the single most chilling phonecalls in history. The man on the phone was clearly very distraught and is in fact talking through tears as he makes the call, the host probes him for information and is informed that Area 51 has been in contact with aliens. Normal crazy stuff, right? We’d be inclined to say so too, but seriously, listen to the call, if this guy isn’t crazy then he’s the best damn actor on the planet you can hear he’s voice genuinely breaking out of sheer fear.

Then to top everything off, just as the guy claims, the call is cut short by interference, but here’s the thing, the radio show is broadcasting via satellite, you can’t just knock those things off the air and it only cuts out for a minute, after which the guy is gone.

Of course we’re not asking you to listen to this and immediately assume the government is hiding aliens from us, but if you wanted to be just a little freaked out today, we invite you to give it a listen.

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