What Happens When Your House is Blurred on Google Street View


Google street view is a tool provided completely free of charge by the ever awesome global mega-company that is, Google. With it you can view almost any street on the planet as if you were stood in the way of oncoming traffic and were trapped in a time bubble where people were stuck living a single moment of their life for eternity. In other words, it’s pretty radical. However, some people saw Google driving on publicly accessed roads and taking pictures of every house as a regular person (albeit one who didn’t give a crap about being hit by a car) would see it and felt like their privacy was being invaded. So what happened when these people complained to Google? Their houses got egged.

Though to be fair, no one could see after it was blurred.

Though to be fair, no one could see after it was blurred.  You’re welcome.

Yes, unbelievably, some people took it upon themselves to find the people who weren’t comfortable with anybody, or at least people not within shotgun distance, looking at their house and egged them, because nothing makes paranoid people less paranoid than singling them out. Well maybe these egging had nothing to do with Google you say, well we’d be inclined to say that too if it wasn’t for the fact the people who threw the eggs went to the trouble of leaving notes saying “Google’s cool” on the doors and mailboxes of their victims. Yes, Google is cool, but you certainly aren’t, asshole.


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