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Despite having a reputation as a game with less originality than a photocopied Andy Warhol painting, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has perhaps one of the single most stupidly detailed and pointless additions ever seen in any video game. Within the confines of the games multi-player is an item called the “Tactical Insert.”

black ops 2 tactical insertion

Future iPods sure are bulky huh?

Eagle eyed players may notice that this item has a latitude and longitude display crammed right the hell onto it (circled in the image featured). This is far from a superficial feature, the longitude and latitude shown actually corresponds with a real world location. For example, if you happen to be shooting terrorists in Singapore, your Tactical Insert will display coordinates for an area in that location.

And virtually no one, anywhere will ever appreciate this feature because 14 year-olds and stoned college students rarely, if ever, have advanced knowledge of orienteering. It sure is cool though.

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