Whupping Ass at Basketball Dressed As Spider-man, Suprisingly Common


In the Amazing Spider-man movie, there’s a scene where Andrew Garfield uses his powers to best his rival at basketball, thus proving that he is the superior male specimen. Because in movies that’s how people solve problems. However, Garfield likely didn’t need to use any of his Spider-man powers, not if this video is anything to go by. If you don’t have time to watch that video, basically, in it, Andrew Garfield does a crossover dribble, in full Spider-man gear.

Actual screenshot. Probably.

Actual screenshot. Probably.

The thing is, Garfield isn’t the only one seems to get superpowers when playing basketball in a Spider-man costume. For example, consider Professor Live, who decided to go boss a bunch of people at basketball dressed as Spider-man, seemingly just to show that he could. That’s like 15 people who’ve been owned by Spider-man at basketball and only one of those was in a film. Suck it reality, Spider-man is here to play and by play we mean, serve.

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