Why My Name Is Earl Might Be The Smartest TV Show Ever


My Name is Earl is a TV show in which an ex-skateboarder (yeah, the guy who plays the main character used to be a professional skateboarder and can still bust some pretty sick moves) realizes that his life sucks because of karma, so he decides to right all his wrongs by correcting his wrong-doing to everyone he’s ever wronged. The show also spoke directly to the viewer all the time without anyone realizing it. How? By using weapons grade T&A.

The Rock is currently suing her for stealing his eyebrow.

The Rock is currently suing her for stealing his eyebrow.

On the show, Nadine Velazquez (pictured above) plays a Mexican immigrant, in keeping with her character she often lapses into bursts of Spanish. However, viewers with a knowledge of the language quickly realized that she wasn’t saying anything to do with the show’s story and was in fact addressing the audience directly. More often than not pointing out plot holes and timeline errors.

In later episodes Japanese speaking characters would do the same thing, one in particular calls his agent a dumbass for advising him to keep playing Japanese stereotypes. Basically, My Name is Earl found a way for its cast members to insult people they don’t like on national TV without anyone realising it.


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  1. My Name is Earl is one of my favorite TV shows ever. One of the most inspiring things about this show is the love and caring Earl shows for his brother Randy in every episode.

  2. WOW! This is frickin’ hilarious. I wonder if the DVDs have subtitles for this dialogue. Great stuff.