Why The Most Terrifying Shark Isn’t The One You Think


If you were asked to say which shark is the most terrifying, the answer would either be the great white, due to the fact it has had more screen time than a porn stars breasts, or the hammerhead shark, because, what the hell is wrong with that thing? However, there’s one shark out there that is more terrifying than those two put together and it probably has more confirmed attacks on humans than every other species of shark put together. The wobbegong.

No, we didn’t accidentally type in an entry from Pac Man’s copy of the Kama-Sutra, the most terrifying shark in the world really does have a name that stupid. Though most wobbegong’s are only a few feet in length, they make up for their small size with pure ferocity/stupidity. Due to their very poor eyesight, wobbegongs have a very hard time seeing people, most of the time they can only just make out a person’s foot, which just so happens to be the perfect size for a wobbegong snack. This has led to the creature having a reputation for randomly attacking people without being provoked. For comparisons sake, attacks by great white sharks are so few and far between drift wood is probably a bigger threat to you. Oh and the wobbegong can and will eat other sharks, whole. WHOLE!


The wobbegong pictured here, waiting. Watching.

Just to be clear, somewhere out there, there is a shark that eats other sharks and it attacks people all the time. However, due to its silly name, if you’re ever bitten by one (which is super likely) you have to live the rest of your life with a horrible, disfiguring scar and no awesome story to make it cool. Because come on, who wants to hear the story about the dumb-ass who stood on a wobbegong? Then again, since it’s in Australia, the chances of you making it to the sea without at least 4 different kinds of spider bite are slim to none anyway.

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  1. Wobbygongs are not terrifying. I’m an aussie, bull sharks are terrifying. They eat other sharks and live in rivers a well as on the coast. It is the most aggressive animal and is responsible for the most attacks on humans.