Why the Predators are Actually Pretty Nice Guys


The Predators, or Yautja if you’re going to be a dick about it are a fictional race of badass aliens that literally thrive on combat and all that it entails, in their own film series and the dozens of pieces of extended universe media they’ve appeared in they’ve cemented their reputation as the stone pimps of the galaxy. However, due to the fact they have a bigger on screen kill count than fire, they’ve also got a reputation as vicious murderers who are always one step away from beating you to death with your own tongue. However, if you read into their history a little bit, they’re actually pretty okay dudes.


This one is a babysitter.

Not only are the Yautja responsible for almost all human progress, since it’s established that they visited Earth and taught us how to build pyramids, they presumably also taught humans other stuff too, but giant middle fingers made of sandstone obviously make everything else seem petty in comparison. Along with the the Yautja will never attack an unworthy target, if you’re wondering what that means, basically, unless you possess the means to actually pose a threat to a Predator, they won’t attack you. Seeing as in every film they’ve been in you need either Schwarzenegger sized arms or a grenade launcher for one to even take notice, we think that means pretty much everyone outside of Texas would be safe from these things.

Basically, Predators gave humanity the ability to build bitchin pyramids and in return all they wanted was the right to come to Earth every hundred years or so and stab criminals in the face. Wait, why are these the bad guys again?



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  1. Not thrive on combat, thrive on hunting.
    They are the ultimate hunters. That’s why they don’t attack the unarmed nor pregnant women.

  2. Don’t forget, they won’t kill pregnant women even if they do possess the ability to put up a fight.