Why you Should Feel Bad for Making Fun of Bono’s Glasses


There are but a few rules when it comes to making fun of people, never give what you can’t take and don’t pick on a guy with glasses, unless that person is Bono. Yes, Bono seems to be a veritable magnet for hate. Negative words seems to gravitate towards his ever increasingly large head and ego. Some note his prima donna behavior, others his asshole antics, most however comment on his stupid bloody glasses.

Bono seen here, thanking God himself with a man-hug.

Bono seen here, thanking God himself with a man-hug.

The thing is, Bono didn’t just pick up those sunglasses and decide to wear them all the time because he thought they looked cool (although they totally freaking do). He picked them up because without them he’s prone to blinding headaches. You see Bono has incredibly sensitive eyes, in fact, a single flash of light from a camera is enough to make him see stars for the rest of the day. And when you’re a multimillionaire rockstar fronting one of the biggest bands on Earth, people taking your photo, whether you want them too or not is unavoidable.

Essentially, the only reason Bono wears sunglasses all the time is because we, the public can’t stop taking pictures of him. It’d be impossible to not develop an ego after realizing that you’re so popular you literally have to shield your eyes 24 hours a day in case some dumbass’ iPhone had full battery when you walk past him. Wow, we’re sorry, Bono. We had no idea we were the problem.


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1 Comment

  1. Only a weird foreigner would think these glasses look cool. They look ridiculous – something some tasteless/attention-whore would wear.