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  1. murari lal vishwakarma
    murari lal vishwakarma at |

    Total universe life is depend on the environment . If we have not save it then we have been not safe in this world . So its a duty of every person to prevent the polluted element in the environment .

  2. Christian willis
    Christian willis at |

    what about, tim mcilrath, zach de la rocha? This list should be called 10 most popular celebrities Attempting to Make a Real Environmental Difference.

  3. chris
    chris at |

    The person that I thought deserving of this list was Kevin Costner. He took his own money to develop a ship to clean oil from sea water and sent it to the gulf during the oil spill disaster. He deserves credit.

    1. jeff
      jeff at |
  4. Arthur Schopenhauer
    Arthur Schopenhauer at |

    How sad there’s no Nobel prize for their egos

  5. Priscilla
    Priscilla at |

    I didn’t know Cameron Diaz was an environmentalist. Nice to know. This was a fun list to read, since I’m an environmentalist myself. I’m vegetarian, I always take the bus, I only turn on the lights when I need to, and so on.

  6. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    This is only 9.5

    Celeb’s 3 & 4 have been known to be the same person :O

  7. Araxie
    Araxie at |

    God bless ’em. We need people with money to help for these causes. If only the majority of the superwealthy did as much.


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