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  1. FrancisChalk
    FrancisChalk at |

    Why exactly is Djenne-Djenno on the list? What exactly was it’s significance that puts it in a league with Constantinople, London and Rome? The entry doesn’t make it in any way clear that Djenne-Djenno has any great significant at all, save for buildings made of clay. Aside from the dictates of political correctness, Djenne-Djenno is grossly out of place on the list as countless ancient cities are far more significant in their dominance and lasting influence.

    1. Adi
      Adi at |

      Djenne-Djenno is indeed far less important to the others here and the rest around the world, but it’s importance is in the fact that it is the, let’s say, model of African cities and culture of the region before the arrival of other peoples from different continents.

  2. mr T
    mr T at |

    Athens missed…

  3. WML
    WML at |

    Tenochtitlan was not in Central America, but rather in North America. No wonder people get confused. Poor journalism at its best!


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