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  1. Sadsack
    Sadsack at |

    Are not all the royals….er….related? ie…..incest……which makes for insanity?

  2. Cecilie
    Cecilie at |

    i'm really surprised that Christian VII of Denmark is not on this list.. He was truly crazy.. look him up

  3. Martyn
    Martyn at |

    King George III was a good King of Britain. Besides his military successes he gave great amounts of money to the Royal Academy of Arts and presented it his own personal collection, he put a large amount of money into funding astronomy and Uranus was originally named after him in his honor (Georgium Sidus), he bequeathed his personal library to his people in his will and after his death the Kings Library became the founding piece of the British Library.

    George was a plain man who shunned the life of an aristocrat to live a life more suited to a country squire than a king. He was far more interested in agriculture and improving the farming system of Britain than playing host to dignitaries and hob-nobbing with the elite. Under George the British Agricultural Revolution reached it's peak and many advances were made in the field.

    He was noted for being approachable and for caring about his people and family. George held his duty to his people as King to be second only to his duty to his family as father and husband.

    For a King who, when possible, did all he could to improve the lives and the education of his people his was a sad end. He became blind from cataracts and was in pain from rheumatism and suffered long bouts of insanity, he became increasingly deaf and was never told of the death of his wife, he spoke nonesense for 58 hours a week and for the last few weeks of his life he was unable to walk.

    His legacy in improving Britain agriculturally and intellectually is most often forgotten as all he is remembered for is his insanity and being the "tyrant" mentioned the America's declaration of independence.

    A sad end and an unfortunate legacy for a good man.

  4. Lilah
    Lilah at |

    What about Count Dracula? Of course, now what we know of him is that he was a sadistic "vampire", but actually he was a bog time creep. And if you look him up, there are some very insane things that he did….

  5. Tobasco
    Tobasco at |

    What about caligula.? Did u guyz 4get him or somethin..,

    1. GT
      GT at |

      Its in another list. Here’s the link:

  6. Inês
    Inês at |

    Afonso VI of Portugal was known as “the Victorious” and not as “The Glutton”. But he was, indeed, mad and not fit to be king

  7. FMH
    FMH at |

    It is a myth that King Ludwig II.was “disposed of”. His cabinet tried to dispose him by declaring him insane. After that, he drowned himself along with the doctor who declared him insane. A much more interesting only recently discovered fact is, that he was obsessed by Edgar Allen Poe. He appearantly built some of his rooms according to Poe’s stories, and the only press interview he ever gave was to a American journalist about Poe.

  8. Jenny
    Jenny at |

    Charles VI of french was known as Charles the beloved before his insanity later he was named charles the mad. The stories of his insanity were crazy example: Mr glass. It is a sad tale as he was a good friend indeed.. Search it up on google you sure would know what I mean of the crazy stuff his been through. Charles the mad..

    1. SJA
      SJA at |

      He was horrible mental ill and delusional, not crazy as in irrational behavior and complete lack of common sense yet he had chronic periods of irrational behaviour. Even if mental disorders are 80% the presentation of insanity, they aren’t 100% related to insanity.
      He behaved somewhat exactly like a mature man, but he couldn’t control his insanity. He obviously had an unhealthy life which he didn’t care to change because of his sloth which was a product of his mental disorder.

      But Ludwig II….he was the incarnation of what we call insanity… He probably didn’t have any real contact with the outside world which explains his eccentric childish behaviour, his total lack of common sense, his extreme shyness and his tragic chaotic irrationality. He was a real-life Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy 6. Chaos, destruction and madness.

  9. Ana
    Ana at |

    It’s funny you put Afonso VI of Portugal in here, when the stories about Sebastian (which include, according to some rumors, bestiality) are way wackier.


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