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  1. Neil Mouldalot
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    thanks, this is all very informative, I’m doing a roundup of who’s who is the universe

    what we are all wondering really is:
    who is satan really?
    I believe Sidious is actually pretending to be Satan, and has created multiple alter egos just to confuse everybody. it’s probably likely that after coming here within the last 500 years in numbers the sith actually re-wrote the bible and inserted Satan conveniently. so there seems to be 4 satans: Sidious, Pseudo-satan a psychic cloned tortured soul turned into a monster, set the GOD – nope a god not satan, and maybe even a real satan that resides in a higher dimension as a greater demon. phewee!!

    what I was actually looking for was nihilus 2-3 accomplices, you have provided them – cheers! a sithromancer group. lady gaga is probably a high priest of her, or a clone body double.. just in case

    and you might notice, ha oh yes, the picture of Petra Nemcova’s boyfriend that died in the tsunami – IT’s DARTH MAUL! probably a clone again – you lose

    well if Plaugeis is losing confidence, you guys gotta be wondering now..


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