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  • Dano

    #1 By far, Al-Qaida/Taliban, killing 3,000 civilians at once with only 19 soldiers, freaking suicide bombers killing thousands per year. They may attack under the pretext of religion, but they are the most ruthless gangbangers by far.

  • John

    Mara Salvatrucha suspect bearing gang tattoos is handcuffed. In 2004, the FBI created the MS-13 National Gang Task Force to combat gang activity in the United States. A year later, the FBI helped create National Gang Intelligence Center.

    Nuff said

  • wayne

    the D.B.M's is by far the most feared gang..originating 4rm 28/01/08..they have made quite an impact..killing 45 kids in one day..


  • johanna


    There's a difference between a gang and a terrorist organization.

  • betzblue

    Incarcerated youngsters are sucked into these gangs because they are told they need to be "protected" from the other gangs.

    It's very sad that some of these youngsters are forced to "prove their loyalty" by shanking inmates that they don't even know or have a beef with. If they refuse? They can be killed by their "protectors". Or at the very least, gang raped by thugs who don't see themselves as homosexuals,they hate "gays" but still commit sodomy. I don't see any end to gangs or prison violence until the "citizen streets" are cleaned up first. If stupid people didn't get caught up on dope, the cartels would have no customers, there would be less robberies & burglaries ( to pay for the drugs) if families were more committed to loving their children and giving them attention, maybe the need to join gangs would eventually fade…America needs to step up and change the way things are….

  • jaz

    Im the biggest gangstar-wot!

  • danger

    these american gang bangers are nathing compare to those middle east taliban and groups only 50 people of them is enough for the whole american gangs , they have suicide bombers and militry trained guys so know about them ..

  • Ash

    The Taliban isn't considered to be a "gang" so..they don't quite fit the list. Terrorist organization does not equal gang.

  • chris

    it says that MS spread from Central America to the US when actually the gang was started in LA by Central Americans. They were later deported back to their respective countries and thats how the spread of MS13 started.