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  1. terry bigham
    terry bigham at |

    Hans Christian Andersen was scared of pork (he must have feared trichinosis) and being late. And whenever he was in a hotel room he always carried a coil of rope in case he had to exit through the window when a fire broke out!

  2. Phobias
    Phobias at |

    Great info on Mr. Andersen and his phobias.

  3. Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane at |

    Btw, Hydrophobia is the fear of rabies, not water. Aquaphobia is the fear of water. I should know, I have it. Plus, Hydrphobia is referenced in the musical Chicago when Kitty tries to bite Billy Flynn.

  4. ed
    ed at |

    what about Oprah and Bublegum?

  5. Jim W
    Jim W at |

    You may want to retract your correction on hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is a symptom associated with rabies. Here is a quote from the Science Dictionary:

    “The name hydrophobia comes from the fact that animals and people with rabies get spasms in their throat muscles that are so painful that they cannot eat or drink, and so will refuse water in spite of being very thirsty.”

    And from the Merriam Webster dictionary, hydrophobia is defined as rabies or a morbid fear of water.

  6. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Read up on Marcel Proust and his phobias. It will blow your mind !!

  7. Old fart
    Old fart at |

    Nice list, I think it’s acurate but Madonna has another phobia. It’s Gerontophobia and that’s why her video-clips make her always look like a teenager.

  8. Hey it me
    Hey it me at |

    Panophobia is the fear of everything, while the fear of antiques is Altussessiophobia (I think)


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