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    Ceausescu has been the president of Romania for more than 15 years( from 1965 to 1989) but he gain this title of president in 1974. Till than he was the first man in state and had all the power but with another title. I think he loved his country, but he saw Romania like his own good. He made some very good things for the infrastructure of the country, economy and military but treated the people like animals. People were earning good money but had no goods to buy with it because everything was going to the export market. He was a very complex and strange person but I am glad I haven't leaved to much in that period. I was 6 years old when the revolution started.

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    Very interesting list.

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    The only time I ever went out to a movie on Christmas day was to see…you guessed it, Godfather III…which I wouldn't call one of the worst movies of all time, but certainly one of the bigger disappointments (though, in that regard, it doesn't compare to that Phantom Menace dreck…though at least that didn't come out on Christmas…).

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    They forgot to add that Tsunami i n2004 0.o


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