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  1. Milo Balls
    Milo Balls at |

    Just throwing this out there…But you do know that game of thrones does not take place on our world? What’s your next list “10 reasons He-Man is not as historically accurate as it should be.”?

  2. Alex
    Alex at |

    Wow….I never post to these articles, but this one is so ridiculous I have to say something. As the other post notes, GoT isn’t even based on planet Earth. All arguments invalid after this point. The whole thing is fantasy based, suspended reality. Basically, anything is acceptable. Next thing you’ll be telling us is that dragons aren’t real either right?

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      We thought it would be fun to expose some of the more realistic parts of the show. But wait, dragons aren’t real?

    2. Ian
      Ian at |

      I agree. This list is a travesty and has inspired me to write an AMAZING game of thrones top ten list.

  3. CubsFan32
    CubsFan32 at |

    Look at today’s date people……

    1. Alex
      Alex at |

      Got me. Hook, line and sinker… I stand down from this point….

  4. Devonna West
    Devonna West at |

    Uh lol it is a fantasy and also how in the hell would they make things exactly the way it was back then it would be impossible but like I said it’s a fantasy not a Historical documentary lol

  5. Dan
    Dan at |


    Interesting example that the Hound and Brienne wouldn’t be able to find a horse big enough to ride… missed opportunity to mention Gregor “The Mountain that RIDES” Cleagane. They specifically discuss that he is so large a man that on horseback he looks like a mountain.

    (This is more spotlighted in the books)

  6. Robyn
    Robyn at |

    As an european reenactor that is very serious about history:

    Has the writer of this article realized that Game of Thrones is FANTASY and makes NO CLAIM to be historically accurate?

    Leave it alone and go bite “Vikings” a bit more please.

  7. Ron
    Ron at |

    wow, commentors here really got their panties in a bunch! lol Why so serious? I liked this article. After reading the article I paused game of thrones and on youtube found , The Dark Ages (Full Documentary). It was interesting and I learned things about history I didn’t know. Everyone including the author of this article knows GOT is just a tv show. They are just pointing out stuff about real history. You guys should lighten up LOL geez! It’s not that serious! My point is this Article has led many to learn more about the real history. Well, I gotta go and watch another episode of GOT! see ya!


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