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    GEORGE at |

    I have read and enjoyed many of your “Best 10″articles.
    I am quite choosy, so many are left unread. I love the fact of choice
    and will continue to do so.
    BUT if commercials become a big obtrusive hurdle, I will find another outlook for
    my curiosity.
    Thank you, for all that I have learned from your sources..

  2. Dave in Milwaukee
    Dave in Milwaukee at |

    Sepp Dietrich (#4) was not “summarily executed.” He served parts of two different prison terms after the war, was released in 1958, and died of natural causes in 1966, at age 73 .

  3. Robbinnn
    Robbinnn at |

    There are a million reasons to hate the nazis! The terrorizing and murder of millions of people for example.


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